Once upon a time, American automakers went out of their way to build and showcase some truly outlandish concept cars. We’re talking about vehicles that were never, ever intended for anything more than to showcase some new engine, technology, or design language. These days, concept cars from all automakers seem a little more grounded in reality.

But sometimes we yearn for the days when vehicles like the Ford Powerstroke concept were the norm. This relic of a different time is up for auction on eBay, and it can be yours for as little as $40,000.

The Powerstroke concept was built to introduce the world to the new 7.3 liter direct injection turbo diesel engine. Meanwhile, the rest of the body was built to “throw off” other designers in regards to the design of the next Super Duty Ford pickup. And while none of the styling cues from this 1994 concept car ever made it onto a truck, those taillights are very Mustang-esque.

The Powerstroke concept vehicle has been on eBay before, and the owner seems ready and willing to part with this unique vehicle. Unfortunately it does not come with a title, only a contract which probably makes you promise not to ever try and drive it on the road…even though it DOES drive. This one is for car collectors only, we’re afraid. Still, a cool piece of Ford history to be sure.