For many enthusiasts, suspension is at the top of the list when it comes to diving into aftermarket modifications on a stock vehicle. But, when it comes time to get your car on the track and actually start taking corners seriously, the single most important thing is dialing in your suspension setup.

When you get into a certain class of shocks, rather than replacing them when they get worn out – they are often times rebuildable by the manufacturer or other specialists. While this is helpful and cost-effective most of the time, QA1 has come up with a solution to even further convenience racers and track enthusiasts.

Forget sending them out for re-valving, and forget switching out your suspension setup for each driving environment.

QA1’s new MOD shocks have an assortment of available valve packs that are easily swapped out via five Allen-head screws. The revolutionary new “QuickTune technology” allows you to keep the shocks on the vehicle, remove the valve pack, and just replace it with the one that has your desired adjustment range. Per their press release, the replacement does not affect the oil path or expose its internals to any contaminates.

They are double-adjustable for compression as well as rebound and feature an adjustable low-speed bleed, allowing you to fine-tune ride quality and weight transfer on corners. Other features include 24-clicks of adjustability, a large solid piston with a blow-off valve, indexable shock base eyelets, an external nitrogen gas-charged canister, Teflon-infused anodized bodies, and all included tools and hardware.

You can learn more or see if QA1’s MOD Series Shocks are available for your vehicle on either QA1’s site or on Summit.