Some of us have cars that we use on the street, some of us have cars that we use on the track, and some of us have cars that we use on both. For those that have cars used strictly on the street or on the strip, their suspension build is really relatively simple. You can design your suspension for the best performance to suit either the need for track performance or street comfort. If you’ve got a car that you use on both the street and the strip, you end up making sacrifices or compromises that create deficiencies in either the track or the road performance.

The build quality is top notch and with the Hotchkis name, you know your getting something reliable.

If you drive a classic Mustang, the new Hotchkis Sport Suspension lower control arms (PN 1117L; $574.99) help mitigate the need for such compromises and let you fine-tune your camber response for ideal geometry wherever you are driving. The EZ camber design of these new arms makes adjustments simple to adjust on the spot, whether you are on aiming for street comfort or on-track grip.

Adjustability and rugged performance is key for a car built to tackle both the street and the strip, and that’s just what you get with these arms. Their adjustability makes it easier to get a quick camber adjustment using the jamb-nut and easy-swivel bushing on the arms. This gives you the option of more aggressive camber for performance or less aggressive camber for street applications. Drive to the autocross track or drag strip in comfort, hop out of your Mustang, make a quick adjustment, and hop back in to tear up the competition that arrived on a trailer. That’s the best of both worlds.

For more on these Mustang control arms, visit the Hotchkis site here.