Clawson, Michigan-based Dynotech Engineering has unveiled its long-awaited, all-new website this week, featuring a fresh new look and a plethora of technical and product information on its range of custom aluminum, carbon fiber, and hybrid carbon-fiber wrapped aluminum driveshafts.

Founded in 1923 with Balance Engineering by General Motors, Dynotech now operates as a division of parent company Ametek, producing driveshafts not only for the auto racing industry, but also for OEM vehicle applications, chassis dynamometers, and four-wheel drive vehicles.

Dynotech produces custom high-performance replacement driveshafts for a wide range of vehicle makes and models, from the late model Camaro, Dodge Challenger, and Ford Mustang, to the Buick Grand National, Impala SS, and even Ford F-150 pickups.

Dynotech, well entrenched not only in the automotive aftermarket but in the motorsports world, produces custom shafts for NASCAR and other forms of stock car racing, drag racing, sports car racing, off-road trophy trucks, and even boat racing. Here, Dynotech is focused not only on strength and durability, but on weight, as every ounce counts on the race track. To accomplish this, it utilizes aluminum and carbon-fiber in place of traditional steel, along with the aforementioned hybrid shafts. Notes Dynotech: In addition to aluminum and carbon fiber high-performance racing drive shafts, Dynotech specializes in hybrid drive shafts, which use a combination of materials. We wrap carbon fiber around an aluminum drive shaft core, which creates a drive shaft with an impressive amount of strength while staying light weight. The carbon fiber wrapped aluminum drive shaft is an exclusive design with Dynotech, and it has proven to be very successful on the race track.

For the more obscure applications, Dynotech has that covered, as well; be it stretched limousines, full-size trucks, or restorations, Dynotech can manufacture a custom multi-piece driveshaft, using a combination of steel, aluminum, and carbon-fiber if so desired.

Dynotech’s new home on the web includes access to its custom driveshaft order form, a driveshaft 101, an overview of the available pinion yokes, slip yokes, U-joints, and other miscellaneous parts, and other valuable information to get you up and running with a new custom lightweight driveshaft.