Watching the actors playing Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles pilot Shelby Cobras and Ford GT40s in the film Ford v Ferrari is enough to get any automotive enthusiast’s blood pumping. If the movie made you want to get out and drive in one of these vintage classics, you can actually own the cars with the same specs and looks as those used in the film.

Nothing has been as exciting as the opportunity to supply cars for Fox Studio and Disney’s ‘Ford v Ferrari movie… — Lance Stander, Shelby Legendary Cars

The movie cars were actually continuation cars built to resemble the real machines, which are worth huge money these days. As such, the movie’s production company actually commissioned a limited run of vehicles — including Cobras, Daytona Coupes, and GT40s — from Shelby Legendary Cars/Superformance for use in the film.


If you have seen Ford v. Ferrari, this GT40 will be quite familiar, as it was driven by Ken Miles (played by Christian Bale) at Daytona and Le Mans. You can buy the Ken Miles Edition MK II Big-Block GT40 and several other Shelbys inspired by the film as part of the new Cinema Series from Shelby Legendary Cars/Superformance. (Photo Credit: Legendary Cars/Superformance)

“I’ve worked on many exciting projects since I began offering Shelby and Superformance Cars,” said Lance Stander, CEO of Shelby Legendary Cars, Superformance and Hillbank USA. “Nothing has been as exciting as the opportunity to supply cars for Fox Studio and Disney’s Ford v Ferrari movie. I really enjoyed working with them and the film is simply incredible. I believe it is the best ‘car movie’ ever.”

  • Shelby GT40 Cinema Series Specs

    • Original-Style Steel Monocoque Frame
    • Original-Style Suspension
    • Aluminum Radiator
    • Engine Oil Cooler with Base
    • Disc Brakes
    • Two 10-Gallon Stainless Steel Fuel Tanks
    • Dayglo Red Painted Quick Jacks
    • Period-Correct Base Paint
    • Period-Correct Stripe Options
    • Period-Correct Fuel Filler Caps
    • Period-Correct Rear Wing
    • Alacantara Seats, Door Panels, and Center Console
    • Original Style Gauges
    • Air Conditioning
    • Adjustable Pedal Box
    • Lefthand Drive Setting
    • Push-Button Start
    • Gold Painted Halibrand Style Wheels
    • 15-inch Radial Tires


    • Livery: Ken Miles, Dan Gurney, or McLaren/Amon
    • Transmission Cooler for GT40 MK II
    • Four-Point, Bolt-In Roll Bar
    • Engine Bay Roll Bar
    • Aluminum Door Eyebrows (Painted)
    • Roundels Painted onto Front, Rear, and Sides
    • Race Lights shine onto Race Numbers
    • Period-Correct Numbers Painted into Roundels
    • Smaller Seat for Taller Drivers
    • Canard Wings
    • Le Mans Vertical Wind Diffusers
    • Gurney Bubble for Taller Drivers
    • Righthand Drive, Righthand Shift, Sill Shifter
    • 427 FE Install Kit (ZF Bracketing)
    • Full Leather Interior (Seats, Door Panels, Tunnel)
    • Black or Silver Ceramic Coated Exhaust
    • Roller to be Painted Non-Standard Color Scheme
    • Avon DOT Approved Z-Rated Tires


The company sold off the mechanical stars of the movie within two days. Carroll Shelby’s grandsons, Aaron and Randall, each purchased one, while Ken Miles’ son Peter and Dave MacDonald’s son Rich both bought cars driven by the actors playing their fathers in the movie.

Everyone is so excited about ‘Ford v Ferrari that we’re celebrating it with these special cars, which are the ultimate movie souvenir. — Gary Patterson, Shelby American

While you can’t own the actual cars from the movie, Shelby Legendary Cars/Superformance is now selling a limited run of 100 Cinema Series Cobras and GT40s for fans of the movie machines worldwide. Those include blue 1962 Carroll Shelby edition, white 1963 Ken Miles edition, and red 1963 Dave McDonald edition Cobra roadsters. The Cinema Series Ford GT40s are the blue/white stripe Ken Miles Edition 1966 MK II Big-Block GT40 and black Amon/McLaren 1966 GT40. You can also chose a Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe decked out in the 1966 Le Mans-winning livery.

If an open-air ride is more your style, there are several Cinema Series Shelby Cobra Roadsters available, including the blue 1962 Carroll Shelby edition (modeled after the car driven by Matt Damon in the film) and the white 1963 Ken Miles edition (driven by Christian Bale in the film). The latter model even includes a wrench engraved with Carroll Shelby’s autograph and a spare cracked race windshield, which fans of the film will definitely appreciate.

“The epic story of Shelby American and Ford taking down the powerhouse Ferrari was worthy of a blockbuster film and a line of commemorative cars,” said Gary Patterson, president of Shelby American. “The heroic struggle on the racetrack thrust American automobiles onto the world stage, gaining critical respect to compete internationally. Everyone is so excited about Ford v Ferrari that we’re celebrating it with these special cars, which are the ultimate movie souvenir.”


The starting price of these life-size souvenirs is $98,995 for the fiberglass Shelby Cobra roadster, $179,995 for the fiberglass Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe, and $189,995 for the GT40. Each of the 100 produced is built to order (see sidebars for specs and options) and carries a Shelby American serial number with accompanying documentation in the Shelby American Worldwide Registry. If you want to pick one up, you can learn more right here.

  • Shelby CSX8000 Cinema Series Specs

    • Aluminum Radiator with Fan
    • 14-Gallon Fuel Tank
    • Black Quick Jacks
    • Original Leaf Spring Suspension
    • Shelby Independent Rear Suspension
    • Shelby 3-inch Powdercoated Frame
    • Shelby Four-Piston Disc Brakes
    • Shelby 3:54 Original Style Differential
    • Hand-Laid Fiberglass 289 Slab Side Body
    • Original-Style Windshield with Wiper System
    • Original-Style Lights and Indicators
    • Original-Style Steering Wheel, Catches, and Fittings
    • Original-Style Dash, Gauges, and Switches
    • Glove Box
    • Rear Storage Pocket
    • Shelby Gauges
    • Vinyl Seats and Dash
    • Fully Carpeted Interior
    • 15-Inch Wood Steering Wheel with Shelby Cap
    • Original-Style 15-Inch Chrome Wire Wheels
    • Original-Style Chrome “Knock-Off” Spinners
    • 15-Inch Radial Tires


    • Various Stripe Combinations
    • Transverse Nose Team Stripe
    • Roundels
    • Double Clearcoat
    • Custom Color PPG Paint
    • Tonneau Cover (Cockpit Cover)
    • Soft Top
    • Side Windows for Soft Top
    • Polished Stainless Steel Quick Lifts
    • Polished Stainless Steel Bumperettes
    • Polished Stainless Steel Complete Bumper Set
    • Add Hood Scoop
    • Side-View Mirror
    • Add Roll Bar
    • Oil Cooler, Complete Assembly FIA-Style
    • FIA-Style Coolant Tank
    • Differential Oil Cooler System
    • Non-Standard Differential Ratio (3:73 or 3:31)
    • Slab Side 289 Undercar Exhaust
    • Leather Interior (Seats, Dash, and Map Pockets)
    • Heater/Defroster
    • Fresh Air Ventilation to Footbox
    • Runner Kit (Seat Belts, Shifter, Bezel, and Boot)
    • Door Map Pockets
    • Grab Handle
    • Righthand Drive option
    • Custom Color Leather Interior
    • Painted Wheels
    • 15-Inch AVON CR6ZZ Competition Tires