The obvious choice was to do just the rim because the inertia affects the wheel the most. — David Schardt, Forgeline

There is just something modern and racy about carbon fiber. Developed in aerospace for its alluring combination and of flyweight and strength, this miracle material is becoming more and more prevalent in the automotive world. Making that material more adaptable are Forgeline’s Carbon+Forged wheels, which combine a flexible aluminum center with lightweight carbon fiber barrel.

“As far as the aftermarket goes, you would have to make a mold for every, single, different kind of car, so you can’t customize it very much. You don’t want to change the colors and the designs end up being kind of bland,” David Schardt, owner of Forgeline, recently told us.“The obvious choice was to do just the rim because the inertia affects the wheel the most, as that’s the weight on the outermost part of the wheel.”

Currently available for order these wheels save weight with a carbon fiber barrel and an aluminum center section. That makes them 42 percent lighter where it matters most, which is said to improve acceleration, braking, fuel economy, and ride quality. (Photo Credit: Forgeline)

These two wheels are offered in 20- and 21-inch diameters. The 20×9-inch version only weighs 17 pounds, while the 20×12-inch weighs in at only 18.5 pounds.

“Then we make an aluminum center, like we normally would, that you can customize in any color, style or offset to make that easy. It makes for a very, very light wheel that is still customizable like our others,” he added.

Captured in all their glory in the video above are the two current styles offered by Forgeline — the CF201, which features a five-V-spoke design, and the CF202, which features a directional, split-five-spoke design.

For more on the Forgeline Carbon+Forged offerings, visit the company’s official site here.