2018 Mustang RenderingIt wasn’t long ago that the world embraced the all-new global S550 platform for the brand new 2015 Mustang. Now that the 2016 models are available at dealerships, it is only a matter of time before Ford introduces an updated look for the new ‘Stang. Even though the S550 platform is likely to stay around for awhile, a fresh new front could be in the works as soon as 2018.

Thanks to member Rampant at Mustang6G, who created many of the S550 renderings before the official debut, we now have a fun idea of what the new pony may look like. His imagining of the 2018 Mustang is not a huge change, but it’s enough to know it isn’t your run-of-the-mill 2015 Mustang. It looks to have a new front fascia and looks to have taken cues from other vehicles in Ford’s lineup as well as the GT350 for the lower bumper.

We asked Rampant where he came up with this new look, and he said, “For the 2018 rendering, I was looking at Ford putting their new grille on just about everything and wanted to see what it might look like on the Mustang, not sure it could ever look good. But, then I had the thought to combine it with the Ford GT grille as the lower portion. I just had to see if it could work, so I mashed the two together, did a quick nip and tuck to make them fit together and that’s it.”

He goes on to say, “I wouldn’t call this a design really, because it is just putting together two already existing elements from other Ford cars. I wouldn’t even call it a finished work as there are a lot of fine-tuning and detail work if I was going to do a final rendering.”

We must admit, we are digging the rough draft so far! We’ll keep you posted on Rampant’s work as he refines it, and also on any rumors about a S550 refresh as we hear them.