Team Z Motorsports has put suspension parts under many a record-setting rides and built just as many fast cars in their Taylor, Michigan chassis shop. To help even more of customers land in the winner’s circle, Team Z is now offering a wide range of their parts used in their chassis shop in the form of their new Builder Kits line of products. This will let anyone building a car to get that Team Z touch at home in a do-it-yourself format.

Team Z wanted to give customers the ability to use some of their products at home to help make any build better. Based on the demand they saw online and through customer feedback, the decision was made to start selling their Builder Kits parts directly to end users. Products like their billet anti-roll bar is just one example of a shop installed product that is now available in an unassembled format for customers to build at home.

Team Z’s David Zimmerman saw where the customers were leading him, and aims to make the Builder Kits a big product line for the company.

“Since so many people are doing more builds at home it made sense for us to make our parts available to the DIY crowd. All of the directions for the kits are available online as we go through and update our website. The goal will be to add a few parts a week until we have a healthy catalog. This will be similar to what the other big chassis shops do, but geared toward the Mustang market.”

Besides making it easier for customers to get their parts, Team Z plans on adding an extra layer of support. In the works now is a dedicated representative to answer questions about the Builder Kits and provide guidance for those who purchase the products.

Check out all the items available in the Builder Kits line on the Team Z Motorsports website right here so you can finish whatever project you have in the garage!