Let’s face it, underneath the hood of your car is not a welcoming environment: parts are exposed to excessive heat, vibration, road debris, not to mention elements of dirt and grime. Wire and hoses mostly take the most abuse because they aren’t necessarily designed to deal with these extreme conditions.

Design Engineering has taken note of this common problem and come up with a couple of innovative solutions to protect hoses and wires from the elements. These protective coverings will not only protect these fragile components from heat and debris, but they can also prolong the parts life so that you won’t be stranded on the side of the road due to material breakdown.

DEI’s Heat Sheath is designed to slide over wires, hoses, and cables, protecting from the excessive under-hood temperatures as well as the elements of dirt, grease and road grime. Heat Sheath is constructed from a high-temperature material that is bonded to an aluminum material that can withstand 2,000-degrees of radiant heat and 500-degrees of direct heat. This product is very pliable allowing it to make very tight bends and is available in up to 50-foot lengths.

DEI also makes a comparable product called Heat Shroud; it has similar characteristics and properties as Heat Sheath but with a unique twist. Instead of having to disconnect hoses and wires, Heat Shroud has a hook and lock system that allows you to wrap around the items and reattach the covering. It has never been easier to protect vital pieces under your hood.

For more information be sure and check out Design Engineering’s website at Design Engineering.com.