In northern Indiana, in a town named Pierceton, a company named Brenspeed was born in the early 2000s. Founded by Brent White, Brenspeed started off in a small garage behind a farm house and has grown to one of the world’s largest Ford performance suppliers and installers. At any given time, Brenspeed is packed with all kinds of wild builds – both Ford and non-Ford. Many of which have enjoyed a Coyote swap.

Just last week, a stunning 1973 F100 made its way from Texas to northern Indiana to undergo a powerplant upgrade. It retains its original two-tone paint job, and a mostly original interior. While the truck currently possesses a V8 with an automatic transmission and apparently runs really well, it is long overdue for a power upgrade.

The owner has chosen a second-generation Coyote engine paired to a 6R80 automatic transmission. The combination will be topped with a Whipple supercharger, and will include an upgraded fuel system, AFCO cooling components, and all of the necessary suspension and electronics needed to pull this F100 into 2019! Brent also mentioned that Dakota Digital gauges will more than likely make an appearance in the cab.

As far as the Whipple goes, Brenspeed recommended a Stage 2 Gen 3 supercharger for the Coyote swap. The 2.9L front-feed twin-screw blower features precision ground helical cut gears rather than the often-problematic belt, as well as an oversized “Crusher” inlet allowing for minimal rotor cavitation.

Brenspeed will be posting updates on the Coyote swap F100’s progress on social media, and you can check back here at for the inside scoop as the project gets rolling. Brent has already published the build’s first video episode, so check it out!