(Photo Credit: Douglas Dispatch)

Luck certainly ran out for one young Mustang-owning man after his marijuana hiding spot was revealed after a collision in Sierra Vista, Arizona, according to the Douglas Dispatch. What he thought was a secret hideaway for his abundance of marijuana bundles turned out to be a stupid one.

At first the driver of the New Edge Mustang was in the left turning lane, but then changed his mind and maneuvered back into northbound traffic. While trying to get back into northbound traffic, he was struck by a semi, also heading northbound.

The impact of the accident tore the front bumper off of his New Edge Mustang. Unexpectedly, multiple bundles of marijuana had scattered all over the street. Looking at the photo above, the rear bumper was torn, likely during the search. Here you can see it was also packed full of illegal green bundles.

Like most criminals not wanting to get caught, the 18-year-old man fled on foot while leaving his huge stash and the Mustang (registered to him) behind. Not long after the incident, military police witnessed a man matching the description and notified local police authorities. He was soon taken into custody. Charges include “leaving the scene of an accident, possession of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale, and transport of marijuana for sale.”

A search warrant was executed the next day by the Sierra Vista Police Department where they found a total of 75 marijuana bundles weighing over 86 pounds. This is certainly going to be more than a slap on the wrist for this Mustang owner.