“Brrraaap!” That’s the sound most hot rodders and muscle car guys think about when they think of glasspacks. Unfortunately, that often can be a misconception. Cherry Bomb’s been making performance glasspack mufflers since 1968, and these aren’t the nasal ‘packs you’re thinking of. Today’s Cherry Bomb just doesn’t sell just glasspacks anymore either, they have six different muffler designs as well as other stuff including catalytic converters, tips and most everything you’ll need to get performance and a nice exhaust note for your muscle car, diesel truck, hot rod and modern machine!

Cherry Bomb posted this video on Streetfire.net of their entire product guide, it’s an interesting watch:

Other than parts, Cherry Bomb’s got quite a few irons in the fire, including a couple really cool project vehicles, including a patina’d-out D100 shop truck and a really impressive first generation Camaro (titled “Disturbing The Peace”) which is being built over at Year One Restoration’s “Ghost Works” shop in Georgia. Right now, photos on Cherry Bomb’s Project Vehicle page show quite a bit of tin work going into the Camaro. The digital design of what the F-body will look like, though, is far more inspiring; sporting a sleek flat black, gloss black and red triple color scheme, huge rear wheel tubs, and plenty of power under the hood, we’re really interested to see the continued evolution of this machine, so we’ll make sure to keep our eyes on Cherry Bomb’s site.