What is it about building rad rigs that we love? It’s the creativity, it’s the collaboration, it’s getting the blood, sweat and tears to turn into something that goes hard and keeps on going. We want to see this happen on a grand scale and that’s why we’re announcing a new competition – the Junkyard Challenge Presented by K&N, the latest Horsepower Wars video series. And you can be a part of it!

Starting in early September, our competition calls for four Southern California teams (four members to a team) to build the ultimate off-road rig in just seven days for a shot at $10,000 cash. The best part - each team gets to keep their build! Our friends at Miller will be providing the welders, which will come in handy for a massive amount of fabrication. Now let’s talk numbers.

Can you and your buddies build one rig that does it all? We're looking for Junkyard Challenge contestant teams today!

Each team will have $2,500 to buy a build vehicle. It could be a Bronco, a Cherokee, a Ranger, whatever they want. From there, teams will have $2,500 in Summit Racing credit to order any and all fresh aftermarket parts they’d like – lockers, brake lines, seats, you name it. In addition, $1,000 cash is available for every team, to help buy used parts – including runs to the junkyard. Beyond this, tires will be provided by our friends at Toyo Tires.

“Toyo Tires is proud to be partnered with the new Truck Challenge series,” said Marc Sanzenbacher, Sr. manager of Motorsports at Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. “This series shows dedicated truck enthusiasts just how their vehicles can be made even better with aftermarket upgrades and a premium set of tires. Our Toyo Open Country line of light truck tires are available in a wide range of fitments and are available in designs to enhance vehicles whether being driven on the highway or for serious off-road use.”

K&N, who is the title sponsor of the Junkyard Challenge, will be providing air filters, oil filters, and all sorts of other products. “Since 1969, we’ve been dedicated to spearheading innovative, top-of-the-line filtration technology—for high-powered vehicles in demanding competitions like Horsepower Wars, as well as for daily drivers,” said Phil Swire, Chief Marketing Officer at K&N Engineering. “K&N is excited to partner with Power Automedia in 2019 as a premier sponsor of Horsepower Wars.”

We’ll have a few more free goodies from our other generous sponsors for these four-figure builds.


There will be four challenges that the trucks must compete in – Tug o’War, Barrel Race, Jump Contest, and a Short-Course Race. Finding the right combination of wheelbase, drivetrain, suspension setup, and other factors will play a big part in who comes out on top! However, contestants can’t game the system – we’ll be reviewing each vehicle selected to look for any cheats or hacks. If we find something illegal, they’ll be disqualified.

We’re planning on doing the entire shoot in the space of one September week…right in the dirt. That’s right, no cushy climate controlled shops on these builds. That’s seven days to build a rig from the ground up and get it ready to dominate!

The victors will get a generous $10,000 to split among the members, be crowned champions of the Junkyard Challenge, and have a vehicle that any off-roader would be proud of.

Junkyard Challenge will consist of a jump contest, barrel race, tug o’war, and short-course race.

If you and your friends are interested in getting down and dirty for the Junkyard Challenge, let us know! We are now accepting applications through June 28th at [email protected]. In the application, please include the following information:

  • Your team name
  • Your individual names
  • A brief description of your background and passion for off-road
  • Your ideal Junkyard Challenge vehicle (i.e. Bronco, Ranger, Tacoma, etc.)
  • Group photo and a recent build

You’ll need to supply a team of four for the build, plus tools and trailer! Builds will be in California.

We’re excited to see what the off-road world can bring to the Junkyard Challenge. Building a beater into a badass is some of the most rewarding work in the world, and the Junkyard Challenge will make light of that. Tune in soon to hear more developments and find out who we picked for our teams!

The 2019 season of Horsepower Wars is made possible by some of the leading companies in our industry, including K&N Filters, Summit Racing, Toyo Tires, COMP Cams, TCI, MAHLE Motorsports, Dyna-Batt, Weld Racing, Corsa Performance, Fragola, Holley, DiabloSport, NOS, E3 Spark Plugs, Total Seal, Mickey Thompson, Moser Engineering, BMR Suspension, Miller Electric, Aerospace Components, Victor Reinz, Moroso, US Gear, Hawk Performance, Lucas Oil, PRW Industries, VP Racing, ProCharger, and ARP. Stay tuned for the Junkyard Challenge. It’s going to be a wild ride!