Keen to pick up 2018 Mustang GT but you plan on modding it right away? Well, you might be interested in what Lebanon Ford has to offer. If that name sounds familiar, it’s the same dealer that lit up the internet with its sub-$40,000 supercharged Mustangs. More recently it began offering packages with Hellion twin-turbo systems. Now those are available for the latest Mustangs.

The LFP Hellion is an absolute rocketship capable of putting down over 800 horsepower. — Lebanon Ford Performance

“Due to overwhelming support by customers of our 2017 Package 2 Hellion System, for 2018 we are offering one system with all the upgrades needed to run safely and add more power and performance later,” says the dealer. “The LFP Hellion is an absolute rocketship capable of putting down over 800 horsepower at the crank on 7-8 pounds of boost. On the lowest boost setting customers will see 660-700 rear-wheel horsepower depending on the dyno and conditions.”

Want to drive a new Mustang off the dealer lot with 800 twin-turbo horsepower? Lebanon Ford Performance has just what you are looking for — the 2018 LFP Hellion Mustang!

2018 LFP Hellion Upgrades

• 2018 Mustang GT with 300A option

• Hellion Eliminator system with twin 62mm turbochargers

• High-flow X-pipe

• 1,000cc fuel injectors

• TSS oil pump gears, including oil gear, timing gear, and crankshaft bolt

• Driveshaft Shop 800HP halfshafts

• nGauge flash tuner

• Custom calibration via Addiction Motorsports

Simply order a 2018 LFP Hellion Mustang for $51,995 and about seven weeks later, you’ll have a potent twin-turbo street ’Stang. That’s a pretty awesome performance bargain, but there is a trade-off.

“The LFP Hellion will not carry any warranty from the manufacturer in the event of failures caused by the installation or use of the Hellion Turbo System,” says the dealer. “There is no warranty by Lebanon Ford.”

For more on these turbo 2018s, you can visit the dealer site here.