While the 2015-2017 5.0-liter powered Mustangs perform well from the factory, let’s face it, there is something that needs to be done about the way they breathe. Of course, we’re talking about their air intake system. Their OE intake leaves something to be desired, and Flowmaster has just what you need to get your Mustang breathing like the stallion that it is.

That’s right, the exhaust flow experts at Flowmaster have set their sights on the induction side of performance.

To test its system Flowmaster used Hurst’s 5.0-powered 2015 Mustang GT sweepstakes build. A fine example of a late-model mustang.

Flowmaster’s solution to the airflow system on the latest generation of Mustangs is its Delta Force cold air intake system. It’s a simple, direct fit cold-air intake that is built with the design quality we’ve come to expect from Flowmaster. Installation takes about an hour and is simple enough for any DIY car enthusiast to perform in their garage or backyard.

The new air intake system fits right in without any modifications to the car or mounting hardware. As far as performance enhancing products go, this is one of the easiest ways to get a boost to performance. An hour worth of install time for thousands of miles worth of performance gains!

The system is compatible with any 2015-2017 Mustang that’s equipped with a 5.0-liter engine and it comes with a washable, reusable high-flow filter that keeps your air flowing smooth without needing to be replaced. When things start to feel plugged or bogged down, just pop it out, rinse it off, and pop it back in place. It’s that easy.

The washable filter is a long lasting alternative to a disposable paper filter.


The product construction on this one from Flowmaster is top notch. It’s built with a black, powdercoated heat shield, durable polyethylene intake tube, reinforced silicone couplers, all stainless steel hardware, and anodized fittings. As we mentioned before, the system engineered to easily install and it comes with a limited-lifetime warranty. Flowmaster also dyno tunes all of its products, including this one, during the development phase of product design to ensure that they get the best power gains and maximum efficiency.

Out comes the old air box to make room for the new, more efficient cold air intake.

The video also demonstrates the ease of installation on the 2015 Hurst sweepstakes car. It’s as easy as disconnecting the lines going into the stock intake tube, the sensor, and the one bolt that holds the box in, then lifting the entire box out as one unit. Installation is then as simple as dropping in the new heat shield, intake tube, and air filter. That’s it. It’s really that simple. The video says it takes about an hour, but it’s not hard to imagine that an expert Mustang enthusiast could do it in half that time.

In goes the new heat shield (top left), then the intake tube starting at the adapter side (top right), then the filter (bottom left), and lastly installation is complete (bottom right). Yeah, it's that easy.