Say what you want about Chris Hamilton, or BoostedGT as he’s known in the racing world, but he is all about the racing life. Right now Hamilton and his team are in full thrash-mode trying to get his new Mustang ready for No Prep battle at Bounty Hunters III. All the stops have been pulled out as the car is nearly ready to hit the dyno for a tune and then off to the streets for some pre-event testing.

For the past two years, Hamilton has been working on getting his S197 Mustang ready to debut. The car spent time at Team Z Motorsports getting all the chassis work done and a full complement of Team Z suspension parts added. For good measure, Hamilton added a set of Santuff shocks to all four corners so the Mustang can get traction on any of the many surfaces he plans on trying to race.

If you’re wondering why Hamilton doesn’t race his familiar and feared small-tire yellow Mustang at Bounty Hunters, it’s because that car is under the knife too.

“The yellow car won’t be at Bounty Hunters because we totally took it apart this winter. The plan is to go to alcohol so it needed a bunch of changes and it’s not close to being done. That car still needs reassembled and taken to the dyno, so we put our efforts into the new car for this event,” Hamilton says.

The new Mustang’s 420 cubic-inch small-block Ford powerplant was at one time used in one of Kayla Morton’s old cars. Providing the boost will be a pair of 88mm Gen II Precision turbos that work with a turbo kit built by Pressurized Solutions. The engine will be controlled by a Holley EFI system and will work with a Davis Technologies Profiler. Inside the car the seat is actually adjustable so Hamilton or Morton can shift the Proformance Racing Transmission that works with a ProTorque torque converter.

According to Hamilton, they are very close to having the car ready to go in full race trim.

“We’re trying to finish up some last minute fabrication work on the turbo kit — this needs to be done before we can dyno the car. When we’re ready to hit the dyno, Dynocom offered up their hub dyno here in Fort Worth, Texas to let us get the car ready whenever we want. So if I need to I can get this thing on the dyno on a weeknight to get it ready — they will make it happen and that is a huge help for us.”

There is plenty of motivation to finish the car for Hamilton and he’s ready to see this project make some noise in Texas.

“It’s taken two years to build the car and we are going to try as hard as we can to make the race. We also want to support the Bounty Hunters team since they have supported us for so long. If we can do anything to help make this race a success we’re going to do it, and debuting the car at Bounty Hunters seems like a great way to do this.”

Bounty Hunters has built a reputation of boasting some of the strongest fields in No Prep racing, so Hamilton knows it will be tough sledding at this event even if the car was 100 percent ready to go today.

“The competition is always tough at Bounty Hunters so it’s going to take a lot of luck for us to do well. When I get the car running I’ll take it to my street I test on to get the car sorted out. If I can get it going down that street halfway decent we’ll have something to work off of,” Hamilton explains.

You won’t want to miss Bounty Hunters III from San Antonio Raceway March 9-10 to see how Hamilton fares in his debut. All the action will be shown live RIGHT HERE on when racing begins. This broadcast is brought to you by presenting sponsor FAST, along with Strange Engineering, Lunati, Royal Purple, Nitrous Express, Flying A Motorsports, Miller Welders, ProCharger and Race Star Industries.