If you haven’t yet heard of The Big Red Camaro, you’ve been living under a rock. This iconic first-gen has been everywhere and then some. It’s known for going really fast and raising eyebrows while it does so.

The one and only Big Red does it again!

We got word from our friends over at Baer that Big Red was at it again a couple weekends ago. They turned in another 200+ MPH time slip at the Arkansas Mile. For those of you who don’t know, they did so by pushing that Camaro to it’s absolute limits. It’s powered by a 2000+hp 555 cubic-inch Procharged V8.

The big bad ’69 was in good company, too. Jimmy Shaw and the folks at Greening Auto Company also broke a few necks with their Maverick turning in a 200+ slip. The burly little ’71 Maverick is propelled to that eye-watering speed via an 1100hp twin-turbo small block Ford from Bennett Racing.

Would you guess this little gray Mav would blow past the 200mph mark?

Both of these marvels of engineering are very different – one Ford, one Chevy, one big-block, the other small-block, one supercharged, the other turbo’d, and so on and so forth. One thing they do have in common though, is how they bring those rocket ships to a swift and safe stop.

When you’re pushing these kind of times, you’d better have something stout stopping you.

Enter Baer Brakes. When it comes to performance brakes, a company can’t ask for a better endorsement than two cars of this caliber sporting their stoppers. Do you really think the team that built The Big Red Camaro would bolt anything less than stellar to their pride and joy? Didn’t think so.

What’s more impressive is that Baer offers brakes cut from the same cloth, to enthusiasts. That’s right, the brakes you can buy from Baer share the same DNA as the ones mounted to Big Red and Jimmy Shaw’s Maverick. While most of us aren’t going to churn out 200mph time slips with our rides, it is important to have the right stuff stopping them.

We already know from the two cars above that Baer offers brake setups for Fords and Chevy’s, but what about the Mopar crowd? Well, we just got word that they also make kits to accommodate early Mopars. They even have kits that allow users to opt for smaller “period-correct” wheels. So, go buy you some Keystone Klassics and give Baer a call.

In the market for early Mopar brakes? Give Baer’s kits a once over. They even offer performance kits that accommodate smaller wheels.

For more information about the kits Baer has, check out their website, here.