LEGO maniacs and Ford fanatics rejoice, the final say in Blue Oval coffee table accessories has officially arrived. But don’t be fooled, because despite its building toy branding, this large-scale 1960s Ford LEGO replica is not intended for children.
What we have here is a highly detailed LEGO reproduction of the iconic 1960s Mustang GT, which at first glance appears to blend classic design cues with aftermarket upgrades and fully functional components. According to sources, the 1,471-piece set is being categorized as a LEGO Creator Expert set, a classification that typically recommends builders be over the age of 16. That said, this LEGO kit is not of the tubular-framed Technic pedigree, preferring to strike a balance between the more advanced LEGO line and the pint-sized Speed Champions 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback kit I reviewed last year.
Key features include dark blue “paintwork,” white racing stripes, a gaping hood scoop, Mustang grille badges and GT emblems, and period-correct 5-spoke wheels wrapped in tread-pattern adorned rubber. By working closely with Ford, LEGO was not only able to produce a stunning replica of the real deal, but add many of the little touches I found to be missing from the Speed Champions ’68 Mustang Fastback kit.
For instance, not only does the roof panel come off, but both doors swing open, and builders can pop both the trunk and the hood. Lifting the latter of these grants access to the Mustang’s painstakingly detailed big-block 390ci V8 engine, which features many of the core components found on a 1960s Mustang GT. Some of these touches include a car battery, complete with positive and negative posts, radiator hoses, a blue carburetor housing with matching valve covers, engine decals, accessory belts, spark plug wires, fan shrouding, shock tower bars, and a Mustang branded oil cap.
A similar approach to detail has been orchestrated within the LEGO Mustang’s interior, which sports contrasting khaki and taupe cushioned seats, pod gauges, a vintage radio, a functional steering wheel, and a T-handle shifter. Other understated touches include matching door cards and handles, adjustable side mirrors, and an instrument cluster visor.
Being that many Mustang enthusiasts are aftermarket performance fans as well, LEGO and Ford opted to include some unique bolt-ons in this kit. Customization options include a hulking supercharger upgrade, ported side pipes, a duckbill rear spoiler, a more aggressive front lip, nitrous in the trunk, and a variety of interchangeable license plates. Rear axle ride height is another customizable option, as LEGO claims that the entire rear portion of the chassis can be raised in order to achieve a more menacing stance.
This marks the umpteenth time Ford and LEGO have teamed-up on a project, which have ranged from smaller “Speed Champions” sets, to large scale reproductions of the 1966 Le Mans winning GT40. Together, these two industry-changing innovators have created some of the most memorable automotive collaborations in history, with their latest partnership set to be the most impressive of them all.
Measuring over 3-inches tall, 13-inches long, and 5-inches wide, this latest collab kit between Ford and The LEGO Group goes on sale for $149.00 a pop March 1st, 2019. Kits can either be picked-up directly at stores or on, and we cannot wait to build and review this gorgeously detailed set right here on Ford Muscle.