image of complete Baer SS4 brake kit

Now that Autocross and Pro Touring have become more popular, more Falcons, Fairlanes and Galaxies are finding their way to the track. These aren’t high-end race cars but instead are weekend warriors that still incorporate some factory components. Aftermarket parts manufacturers are now building components to fit this broad performance niche. Cars with smaller wheels and stock suspensions can now benefit from components that were once only available on high-end custom builds. One case and point are the SS4 Ford high performance brake kits from Baer. S4 4-piston calipers make the SS4 high performance brake kits a great system at a reasonable price.

The SS4 high performance brake kits are available in two rotor sizes that directly relate to your preferred wheel size. The 11-inch rotor SS4+ kit fits well inside a 15-inch or 16-inch wheel. This kit should work perfectly inside Magnum 500’s and look really great between the spokes of a Torque Thrust or Kelsey Hayes Shelby wheel. Regardless of wheel choice this kit will outperform most of the factory-style brake options available. Baer’s SS4 13-inch rotor kit works well with 17-inch wheels or larger. The same S4 4-piston caliper bolts to a redesigned mount to accept a larger 13-inch rotor. The extra diameter rotor increases brake performance significantly. These brakes look amazing filling a 17-inch Mini-lite, large diameter Torque Thrust, or a lightweight modern race wheel.

image of 3 Baer brake calipers and rotors

Baer SS4 brake kits are available with either silver, black or red S4 4-piston calipers. Slot and drilled rotors are standard in 11-inch and 13-inch diameters.

The advantages of Baer SS4 high performance brake kits with 4-piston calipers are numerous. The kits mount directly onto most factory 1965 to 1969 drum spindles for Mustangs, Cougars, Torinos, Fairlanes and Falcons. They also bolt on to 1967 Mustang and Cougar disc brake equipped spindles. For factory equipped disc brake Mustangs, Baer offers an upgraded caliper with a milled Shelby logo. Of course the caliper isn’t an exact reproduction of the original Shelby caliper. Instead it’s an upgrade that stays true to Shelby racing roots while providing a great improvement in caliper design.

Baer S4 calipers are a 2-piece, 4-piston design with 4, 10mm cross bolts. This makes the caliper extremely stiff and consistent. Baer includes D.O.T. compliant dust and weather seals for extra durability in street driven cars. Stainless steel abutments, hard anodized aluminum pistons and noise suppression springs are also included. Each caliper is available in red, black, and silver. Many other color options are also available that fit most paint and style preferences.


image of Baer 6-piston caliper painted in the color Fire Red

One of the more popular color upgrades is Fire Red. Baer offers quite a lot of options for color upgrades so you can match them perfectly to your car. Unfortunately these 6-piston calipers are not available with the SS4 brake kits but the color is.

Bridging the gap between the S4 calipers and the two piece rotors are DR1 or HB100 pads. These pads are extremely popular and easy to find. Both 11-inch and 13-inch 2-piece rotors are available in zinc or plain steel. All rotors are slotted and drilled for impressive cooling characteristics. Baer uses NAS stainless steel hardware throughout for added corrosion resistance and longevity. Each Baer SS4 high performance brake kit includes everything needed for an at home installation. Redline synthetic grease is packed into every bearing at the factory. The hubs are billet aluminum and anodized for durability. All D.O.T. brake lines, brackets and hardware are included.

image of Baer S4 4-piston brake caliper

All SS4 brake kits include these S4 calipers. Each caliper is a 4-piston design that incorporates the same technology used in their race calipers.

Mustangs and other 1960s Ford cars with factory disc brakes can benefit greatly with Baer SS4 brake kits. They are a night and day improvement over factory drum brakes and will bring any 1960s Ford into the modern era. With all of the features included and the ability to fit inside many factory 15-inch rims, this is a clear advantage over other options. For more information on the Baer SS4 and SS4+ high performance brake kits click here.