We love our old school Mustangs around here, but we aren’t fans of all the issues that can come along with a carbureted engine. We are big fans of mixing old school with new school in one ride and that is exactly what Tim Grillot did. His 1965 Mustang packs a 4.6L modular V8 under the hood from a later model Mustang and topped with a single turbo.

To make the tuning easier and to make the car more fuel-efficient Tim and his wife Adrianne opted to use the Holley HP EFI system. The hallmark of this EFI system is the easy tuning and big power that it allows the car owner to get from their engines. To get the kind of fuel efficiency and power Tim and his wife wanted, the carbureted engine and blow through turbo left and the Holley EFI HP 4.6L system went in.

The car maintains a 15.0:1 air/fuel ratio during cruising for optimal gas mileage, and a 12:1 air/fuel under boost, giving the ’65 Stang over 500 horsepower at the wheels. The impressive part is that at that power level the car gets 25 mpg cruising so the duo can actually afford to drive the car. You can’t beat loads of power and great fuel economy in a classic that you know will start and run perfectly no matter the weather.