Some gawk at six-figure exotic cars, some at shiny jewelry, but us – we’d take a clean classic with a big engine under the hood over those any day. When you think about it, people like us are pretty rare. A majority of the we pass on the street would rather take the brand new, flashy, bright red Ferrari.

*cue “more than you can afford, pal” Fast and Furious scene*

That’s not to say the cars we prefer aren’t attention grabbers, because, for the most part, they are. It’s just that, most of the time, it’s not to the average Joe. Perhaps that has something to do with modern sports and muscle cars being inherently ostentatious.

Grabber Blue is almost exactly the same as Ford’s accidentally created Petty Blue. Its popularity kept it alive.

A prime example of this is a car wearing Ford’s Grabber Blue. It seems anyone that is the slightest fan of the blue oval, has a thing for Grabber Blue. It debuted in ’69 and its popularity grew slightly throughout the seventies, becoming an enthusiast favorite. It wasn’t until these cars started getting into collectors hands that the striking blue paint became iconic. Today, this paint color on a car alone holds lots of value.

Pair a correct Grabber Blue exterior scheme with a racing homologation nameplate, and we’re sold. This 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 does exactly that.

Some call it “pure,” some call it “raw,” but there’s really no word to describe that certain feeling that only select cars can make you feel. The power delivery is everything, and the experience is much different when you’re in the seat of a vehicle that’s powered by an engine that was originally formulated to go on a race track.


Ford took their 385 cubic-inch V8 and developed a new version of it with specially modified oil and water passages, four bolt main bearings, and all forged steel internals. The legendary 429 was born. Upon debut, they gave the engine an insurance-friendly rating of 375 horsepower, though the actual output in stock form is said to be well over 500.

It came chasing after Chrysler’s NASCAR-winning 426 HEMI in Ford’s 1969 NASCAR vehicle. To meet NASCAR standards, a production model, now known the Boss 429 Mustang, had to be created. 839 of these rolled into showrooms across the country in ’69. In ’70 – only 500.

Offered in five factory colors, including this Grabber Blue, the 1970 Boss 429 was (and still is) one of the most desirable production Fords ever built. The car pictured is a prime example of this gem of a muscle car–and its coming up at auction.

Previous owners’ work includes a period-correct carburetor, reproduction export brace, and more.

Still fitted with the factory “TW White” vinyl interior that pops against the blue, it’s never been fully restored. Approaching fifty years old, it’s only had one paint refresh in its correct shade of Grabber Blue. Nearly 30 years of its life were spent in heated storage in the hands of its third of only four owners, in which it was removed three years ago for roughly $10,000 in maintenance and upgrades.

Along with its sale, will come an extensive file of historic documentation, including copies of the Ford Motor Company dealer contracts, the original sales invoice, and the car’s build history.

According to RM Sotheby’s website, the car is ready for its new owner and is ready to be enjoyed. Will it be you?

For more photos and details visit RM Sotheby’s site HERE.