The winter season is here across some of the country already meaning that a lot of car enthusiasts have put their rides away for the winter. If you are one of the Mustang racers that doesn’t see the winter as a time to miss racing or driving your car, but a time to upgrade the car for more performance next year you’re our kind of driver. Anderson Ford Motorsports has some nice online specials going for stuff that will give your car more performance next season.

If you need to make your car look better, Anderson has a special going for 10% off all headlamps, and we can tell you that headlamps are one of the things that tend to get damaged at the track thanks to rocks and debris. If your clutch barely finished last season, you can also get 10% off a new clutch from Competition clutch. For you GT500 drivers out there, Anderson has a nice deal for a supercharger upgrade for 2007 - 2009 Shelby GT500s.

You can get a Ford Racing TVS supercharger upgrade right now good for 602hp and 554 lb-ft of torque on 93 octane pump gas for $3250. If your car is something other than a GT500, you can save $300 to $500 off an AFM/Vortech supercharger kit. If you go to a big blower, you might need an upgraded fuel pump as well. Anderson has a 340 LPH in-tank pump for $139. Hop over to the Anderson Ford Motorsports site and find what you need to get your car going faster for the spring.