As car enthusiasts begin performing modifications on the 2018 Mustangs, choosing a quality set of lowering springs is often a popular choice for those looking for improve handling and a more attractive stance. To that end, BMR Suspension offers two lowering spring options for the 2018 Mustang and they can even help get you off the line a bit quicker at the drag strip as well.


BMR Suspension’s SP080 Performance Springs give this 2018 Mustang GT with the optional Performance Package a nice, aggressive ride height. The lowering springs will give your second-gen S550 a 1.2-inch drop in the front and a 1/2-inch drop in the rear. They also feature a lifetime warranty against spring sag. (Photo Credit: Tyler Scofield)

“Street Performance is a huge part of the Mustang hobby,” Kelly Aiken, of BMR Suspension, said. “BMR has designed the SP080 for the street performance crowd that want to use their 2018 Mustang in a variety of applications.”

These springs feature a fine-tuned liner spring rate design that will improve your second-gen S550’s handling without compromising ride quality. Their linear rate offers plenty of support, keeping the body flat and level in the corners, while remaining soft enough for a comfortable ride in any condition.


BMR’s SP086 Drag Springs feature a fine-tuned spring rate improving the S550 handling and providing a smooth ride even in stock form. (Photo Credit: Josh Hubbell)

Conversely, BMR’s S550 Drag Springs (PN: SP086) are designed for straight-line enthusiasts seeking the ultimate in drag strip acceleration. Blending aesthetics and performance, these BMR coils will lower your S550 ride height and feature a unique 150 in-lb front, 800 in-lb rear spring rate, which is said to deliver superior handling and a smooth ride.


When combined with a larger aftermarket wheel and tire setup, the SP086’s linear spring rate offers plenty of support while remaining soft enough for great weight transfer. (Photo Credit: @smoked_magnetic_gt)

New for 2018, BMR Suspension will also be releasing a set of lowering springs for the MagneRide equipped 2018 Mustang which will feature a 25mm front/20mm rear drop in ride height that will work in sync with the active suspension system.

For the complete line of BMR Suspension components for the 2018 Mustang, visit the official website here.