Armed with nearly a Hellion twin-turbo system and a Lund Racing tune, Alex Rantz is defying the laws of stock with his 2015 Mustang GT. He laid down an 8.95-second quarter mile pass at 153 mph, which is currently the fastest quarter-mile time utilizing a nearly stock, second-generation Coyote 5.0-liter engine.

Now you’re probably wondering what other mods this car has? From what we’ve found out — very few. Aside from the custom nGauge tune managing 15 pounds of boost, which is suported by Injector Dynamics’ ID1300 injectors and a CompGT fuel system, Alex’s engine is stock except for upgraded oil pump gears and crankshaft sprocket.

Gripping the asphalt, Alex Rantz launches his 2015 Mustang GT for a record-breaking 8.95-second quarter mile pass at 153 mph.

Other notable supporting hardware included upgrading the brakes and crossmember, plus swapping out the torque converter in favor of a Circle-D unit, although he’s still utilizing the stock 6R80E transmission internal clutches.

Even the rear axle shafts are stock and have surprisingly held up this long, especially while launching holeshots on the Mickey Thompson ET Street-R slicks, which are planted by a UPR Products suspension. One could estimate he’s on the eve of destruction. But according to Alex, he was running nines in this Coyote prior to swapping out the previous power adder to the current twin-turbo kit. Needless to say, the stock engine has seen enough track time to dismiss the naysayers of being a “one-hit wonder.”

Is it pushing the limits of 5.0 physics? Sure, but who cares? That’s what drag racing is about, and if he can do more with less, well maybe we all should give it a try — at least once.