The NMRA rolled into historic National Trail Raceway in Hebron, Ohio this past weekend for the 13th Annual NMRA Ford Super Nationals. This event showed off the best the blue oval boys and girls had to offer with some stunning show cars, an all-Ford swap meet, and of course all of the exciting racing action.

A bonus to this event was the conclusion of the rain-shortened Maple Grove NMRA race from earlier this year during qualifying, so many of those rounds had extra meaning to them. It was a difficult task, but we picked out our favorite 22 cars from the event, and the list includes everything from the bad boys of Street Outlaw, to the grassroots racers in True Street.

1. Kevin Fiduva’s True Street Mustang caught our eye with this amazing color-changing paint scheme.

Kevin Fiduva

2. Chris Mack brought out this super clean 1968 Mustang for some bracket racing action.

1968 Mustang Chad Mack

3. Jimmy Cantrell and his 1994 Ford Ranger made some great hits and showed that trucks belong at the track.

1994 Ford Ranger Jimmy Cantrell

4. Vince Palazzolo and his 2003 Mustang were flying this weekend…enough so that he got the win in Street Outlaw for the rain delayed Maple Grove race during qualifying.

2003 Mustang Vince Palazzolo

5. Lonnie Tibbs and his “Lucky Bear” Mustang took the win in True Street, laying down some low eight-second passes.

Lon TIbbs

6. Rus Gabbard and his 2002 Mustang GT really made that suspension work in the Modular Muscle class.

Rus Gabbard 2002 Mustang GT

7. Dana Tebany showed the diversity of the what the NMRA brings when her very clean 1995 Thunderbird hit the water box.

1995 Thunderbird Dana Tebany

8. Shane Williams’s 1999 Mustang had by far the best flame paint job we saw all weekend.

1999 Mustang Shane Williams

9. Pete Espeut and his 2012 Boss 302 looked sharp, and was even rocking his original window stickers in the Super Stang class.

2012 Mustang Pete Espeut

10. Bart Tobener’s gorgeous 2015 Mustang GT stood out running in the Renegade class this past weekend.

2016 Mustang Bart Tobener

11. Mike Jovaris made some strong hits running the True Street class in his boosted Fox body Mustang.

Mike Jovaris

12. Bob Cochran and his 1948 F-1 Flatbed truck, a regular sight at NMRA events, brought some extra different flavor to the event for sure.

1948 F-1 Flatbed Bob Cochran

13. Nina Gusler represented the EcoBoost crowd well in her 2016 Mustang, running deep into the 13-second zone.

2016 Mustang Nina Gusler

14. Don DiDonato put on a show with his 2008 GT 500 when he did a massive down track wheelstand.

2008 GT 500 Don DiDonato

15. Susan Roush-McClenaghan’s 2010 Mustang got our attention with the cool tribal paint job and nicely tucked big tire in the back. Her car runs on propane, of all things.

2010 Mustang Susan Roush-McClenaghan

16. Dan Lynos had one of the cleanest Mustang’s in True Street, and the shade of blue was also unique.

Dan Lynos

17. Danny Towe brought out another fine example of an old school Mustang with his 1970 Mach 1.

1970 Mach 1 Mustang Dany Towe

18. Bob Dill’s 2001 Ford Lighting was another quick truck, running several sub-9.50 passes at the event.

2001 Ford Lightning Bob Dill

19. Charles Bartholme got the event win for Renegade in his 1990 Mustang, running a series of passes in the 7.7-second range like a bracket car.

1990 Mustang Charles Bartholow

20. Mike Niehaus ripped off some violent nine-second passes in his stick-shifted Mustang during the True Street competition.

Mike Niehaus

21. Brent White was wheeling Steph Davies’ 1992 Mustang in Bracket 3. This car would fool most into thinking it was a sleeper if that 11.50 dial-in wasn’t on the side window.

1992 Mustang Brent White

22. Adam Arndt’s seven-second Mustang was a real head-turner in the Renegade class at the event for sure.

1988 Mustang Adam Arndt

Tel us which of these rides is your favorite…and be sure to check out our complete gallery full of even more photos of the racing action from National Trail below!

Photo gallery