With Bullitt and the Shelby already locked and loaded for 2019, there will be no shortage of special editions to chose from in the next model year. One of the most consistent versions of the Mustang, the California Special, is bringing some of that Golden State magic to everyone.

Few things are more satisfying than dropping the top on a California Special and taking a drive down the majestic Pacific Coast Highway. — Mark Conforzi, Ford

“No doubt, 2019 is an exciting year for Mustang enthusiasts, especially fans of our California Special and Bullitt models,” Corey Holter, Ford car group marketing manager, said. “This year further targets hardcore Mustang enthusiasts who want even more performance from Bullitt, while new technology including rev-matching on manual transmission equipped Mustang GTs and active valve performance exhaust on EcoBoost models means even more thrills.”

The 2019 California Special adds a special edition Mustang to the lineup for those who want to get out and cruise in a car with a few vintage styling cues. It will be available in three new, ‘vintage-inspired’ colors: Dark Highland Green, Need for Green, and Velocity Blue.

That’s right, while it doesn’t bring all the extra performance of the Bullitt, the Cal Special does offer the same 12-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio system and those cool rev-matched downshifts that blip the RPM just at the right time to smooth those shifts. This special edition is even available in Dark Highland Green like the Bullitt, along with two new, ‘vintage-inspired’ colors, Need for Green and Velocity Blue.


“These intense new colors trace back to Mustang’s classic colors of the late 1960s and early 1970s,” Corey added. “While colors like Shadow Black and Magnetic Gray will still be popular for those who prefer to go stealth, these new colors pack a brighter, more vibrant punch for 2019.”

Along with the California Special badging, embroidered floor mats, and seat embossing, this special edition includes a 1,000-watt, 12-speaker B&O Audio system so you can crank the tunes while you are cruising the Pacific Coast Highway (or at least imagine you are cruising the PCH).

Of course, the latest California Special includes the familiar stripes and badging that we expect with this model, and unlike the Bullitt, this version more about cruising than performance driving, so it can be had in a droptop and it’s available with a 2.3-liter EcoBoost or 5.0-liter V8 engine.

2019 California Special Features

• 1,000-watt B&O Play audio system

• Black Miko suede-trimmed seats with GT/CS insignia and red accent stitching

• Blacked-out open grille

• Ebony Black and Race Red script California Special badge

• Fading side stripe

• GT/CS embroidered floor mats

• New ‘vintage-inspired’ colors: Velocity Blue, Need for Green, and Dark Highland Green

• Performance Pack 1 splitter

• Six-speed-manual transmission w/ rev-matched downshifts

• Unique five-spoke painted machined wheels

• Quad-tip Active Valve Performance Exhaust (EcoBoost)

• Signature California Special script dash badge

“Few things are more satisfying than dropping the top on a California Special and taking a drive down the majestic Pacific Coast Highway,” Mark Conforzi, Ford designer, said. “This signature design takes its cues from the original California Special, while enhancing the personality of today’s Mustang.”

We don’t know what the premium will be for this special edition just yet, but you will be able to cruise off the dealer lot and into the sunset in a new Cal Special starting this summer.

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