One of the toughest cars to purchase in recent memory is the latest Ford GT. With only 250 produced between 2017 and 2018, potential owners had to endure a rigorous application process establishing their worthiness to purchase Ford’s supercar. This was an attempt to hold off collectors in favor of people who would drive the car the way it was designed and built to be enjoyed. As you might expect, several potential owners were shut out, even if they had the funds to buy one.

Now, however, at the Mecum Indy Collector Car Auction, someone is going to have a shot at buying a nearly new Ford GT. This stunning silver example will roll across the auction block on Saturday May 19, making it one of a select few Ford GTs sold to a second owner. And it will definitely go to one of the few owners that didn’t have to pass Ford’s muster to have the right to purchase it.

(Photo Credit: Mecum Auctions)

The odd thing about this sale is the fact that all new Ford GT owners reportedly signed a contract promising not to sell their GTs until after 24 months of ownership. This agreement was clearly another way to prevent collectors from driving the car to astronomical prices. As you might recall, Ford sued professional wrestler John Cena because he sold his new Ford GT shortly after taking delivery. Will this owner face a similar fate?

With all the attention the sale of this car is already generating, its not like this one will fly under the radar. Maybe the owner is counting on making enough money to offset any potential penalties? And it just might earn enough. The only other Ford GT to cross the auction block so far — with Ford’s blessing — was at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale last January. That GT brought $2.5 million for charity. Will this GT follow a similar sales path?

We’ll soon find out this weekend, and you can learn more about the car right here in case you want to get in on the bidding.

UPDATE: This supercar sold for a cool $1,815,000.

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