We have brought you numerous renderings and spy photos of the most anticipated new car of the next year, possibly the next five years, the 2015 Ford Mustang. Entering it’s sixth generation the Mustang will ride on a new platform dubbed the S550. It will retain the Coyote engine, and some form of EcoBoost four cylinder.

While the latest renderings we brought you earlier this week are some of the best we’ve seen to date, they’re lacking something, while we like the shape there’s something missing from those renderings that gives the Mustang it’s muscle. Muscle and power is exactly what was missing and designer Josiah LaColla took info from the spy shots and created his own, very life-like rendering.

Left: We think Mustang6g.com got the shape and a lot of things correct. Right: LaColla has filled in the blanks with fine This is the finished Mustang that the Pony car faithful want to see.

LaColla told us, “Obviously this is a very important year for Mustang enthusiasts, and it’s one I’ve been waiting for for at least four years- since the first whispers of the Iosis and EVOS started circulating the design community. For me, gen 5 Mustangs have been the most enticing complete package compared to the other contemporary muscle car offerings from Detroit; the advanced engines and close attention to proportion put the Mustang ahead by a few car lengths. I was at first reluctant to generate a rendering for the anniversary model; it may have been nice to just wait and see the real thing. But after poring over responses to earlier renderings, I was shocked to see so many people claiming to drop their allegiance to the Stang like a hot potato. I have faith this is going to be an amazing looking car, so I had to represent it in a way that would put the masses at ease and win back their hearts.”

Rumor is we could see the new Mustang in the flesh as early as December, although Ford has not yet said yes or no on that subject. Until then we’ll have to rely on artists like LaColla to help us see through the padding. You can read his complete analysis and view his work at his blog.