What happens when you take a World Products Merlin II big-block Chevy motor, stuff it full of forged internals, and strap on a TBS marine-grade supercharger? You’ll get a jet engine as a result! This video showcases the strength of the Merlin II Chevy big-block engine block and just how much power it can handle. One of the weakest links when it comes to high horsepower applications is often the block. Stock blocks have a tendency to fatigue and break under the high pressure required to make this much power; so it’s only right to use one of the strongest blocks made today from World Products. Believe it or not, this flame-throwing motor was built for a marine application.

During the dyno pull, this big-block Chevy nearly took a mind of its own; lurching forward in the cell. The test was shut down early. This engine stil made 1,100 hp - incredible!

The builder of this jet-powered engine is no stranger to speed, either. The motor was planned and built by none other than Terry Walters himself. Terry Walters has ingrained himself in IRHA ProStock history by becoming one of the first people to break 200 miles per hour in the quarter mile.

Terry is now owner of Terry Walters Precision Engines located in Roanoke, Virginia. Having surrounded himself with some of the best minds in the motor building and fabrication world, Terry can push out insanely built motors that other builders just can’t handle. Whether it’s a mild 350ci. small-block for your weekend racer or a wild 1,200 horsepower big-block for your Pro Street car, Terry can build it at his shop. An added bonus of having Terry build your motor is peace of mind. With over 34 years of experience in the horsepower game, Terry Walters Performance Engines knows engines inside and out, literally.