Even grandma can take this car down the track and run a 10-second pass. — Willie Diaz, MAK Performance

With the 2018 Mustang arriving in the driveways of enthusiasts across the nation, the race is well underway to keep pushing the envelope of the car’s capabilities. From tuning and nitrous to bolt-ons and blowers, the mods are starting to pile up and the record-setting one-upmanship is shifting into warp drive. Case in point is a new 2018 Mustang quarter-mile record of 10.80 at 134 mph set by MAK Performance’s ProCharged GT.

Terry “Beefcake” Reeves previously held the record with a nitrous-assisted 10.89 at 129 mph, but as the aftermarket has more time learning these cars, those e.t.’s will drop like they are hot. That was definitely the case with the MAK Mustang that quickly moved to a ProCharger P-1X, which we documented for you here. Since then, Willie and Adrian Gomez at MAK have worked tirelessly to learn, make more power, and run quicker.

Just a street car burning 93 octane with just a splash of 100-octane insurance, the MAK Performance 2018 Mustang automatic is running 10s with ProCharger boost.

MAK 2018 Mustang Mods

• 3.73 rearend gears

BMR Suspension lowering springs

• JMS 17-inch drag wheels

• JMS fuel pump voltage booster

MAK cat-delete pipes

• Mickey Thompson tires

• ProCharger HO system

• Torsen differential

UPR Products oil separator

• Velgen street wheels

“The only thing we have changed has been the addition of the JMS fuel pump booster and a Ford iron Super 8.8 housing with 3.73 gears and a Torsen differential,” Willie Diaz of MAK Performance explained. “And a lot more time on the dyno figuring out the new computer and the transmission.”

In addition to those hardware and tuning enhancements, the MAK 2018 runs at the drag strip on JMS 17-inch drag wheels and Mickey Thompson rubber, which allows the car to put down well over 650 horsepower with the car set in Normal mode.

Since we last checked in on MAK’s second-gen S550, Willie Diaz and Adrian Gomez added a JMS FuelMax fuel pump voltage booster and a set of JMS 17-inch drag wheels with Mickey Thompson tires.

“The car is as smooth as silk going down the track,” he laughed. “Even grandma can take this car down the track and run a 10-second pass.”


They might want to put grandma behind the wheel, as this 10-second 2018 is a full-weight street car right down to the optional spare tire in the trunk. If that wasn’t enough, Adrian, who drove at the drag strip clocks in at 350 pounds, so the hot shoe is no lightweight race jockey.

Since we last checked in on the MAK 2018 they have tuned it up produce 656 horsepower and 487 lb-ft of torque. Putting that power down with sticky Mickeys resulted in a 10.80 at 134 mph quarter-mile run.

“We have been twice to the track already and we have steadily improved on both e.t. and mph,” Willie said. “We know with some more work on the tune, especially the transmission aspect, that we will be able to run a 10.60 with that top speed. But, of course, that is not our benchmark. It is simply the next step.”

It will be fun to see just how quick this supercharged street car can run, so stay tuned.