Have you ever considered taking a leap of faith? Jumping from the predictability of an automatic transmission to the full control of a manual gearbox? Thanks to the team at Silver Sport Transmissions, everything you need to convert a classic machine to a manual trans is all in one kit.

The company’s Tremec TKO 600 five-speed manual transmission kit went into this 1969 Mustang. It includes everything you’d need to install the five-speed without modifying the car or transmission included in the kit. This particular Mustang was equipped with a C-4 automatic transmission, but the five-speed manual offers improved gear ratios for better cruising and performance, while offering more control for the driver.

The kit from Silver Sport Transmissions detailed in the video above includes a new shifter handle, boot, and bezel for the shifter. It also includes with a new pinion, a transmission crossmember, fasteners, a new speedometer cable, the bellhousing, a Wilwood hydraulic clutch assist, a new clutch, and a new flywheel. You can get a pedal assembly and driveshaft from Silver Sport as well, but the owner of the car in the video acquired them elsewhere.

This kit really does come with everything you need to install the new transmission into your car. It makes it a lot easier when you have everything you need to get the job done right! With a kit from Silver Sport, you'll spend more time in the garage working on your car than you will on the way to the parts store to find a missing piece!

This TKO kit is available through Silver Sport for a variety of makes and models and this particular kit does not require tunnel cutting, comes with a CAD designed bolt-in crossmember; a calibrated or electronic speedometer connector; and a 12-month product warranty with a 24-month activation period. That means you have time to finish your project and test if fully before the warranty runs out.

For more specifics on these kits, visit the Silver Sport website here, and take a look at all the company has to offer.