We love a Shelby GT as much as the next guy, heck probably even more than the next guy, but is one really worth the six-figure price tag this one sold for earlier this year? Yes. The answer is a solid yes. This original, 1967 Shelby GT350 sold for a whopping $109,000 on May 21, 2018, and it’s hard to argue the sale at that price when it is so incredibly clean and so well cared for. It’s only got 61,000 miles on the clock, so it’s barely even been broken in.

It bears all the evidence of a low-mileage car, including an oil-free engine bay, a wear-free interior, and an all-around clean, nearly new look. More than just a low-mileage survivor, this awesome deal also is a high-option car and features the 15-inch aluminum wheels, aluminum accented dash, 8,000-RPM tachometer (with 140 mile-per-hour speedometer), and the hand-signed glovebox door with the name Carroll Shelby written on it in black ink.

The exterior green paint is an older repaint, but the car has never been restored. There is evidence from a life that included 61,000 miles of road time, but all those little chips and scrapes will really do is let you drive it without worrying too much about putting the first scratch or dent in it — it’s already done, so you’re good to go. But, would someone really drive this on the road? We hope so, but carefully.


This is one cool-looking car, plain and simple. It looks good inside and out, and even in the trunk. (Photo Credit: Bring A Trailer)

That being said, it would be hard to hold back with the 289 cubic-inch K-code small-block Ford V8 engine that’s built with high-performance Shelby components including an aluminum high-rise intake, a baffled high-capacity oil pan, an auxiliary oil cooler, cast Cobra valve covers, and a chrome air cleaner. The power is then run through a four-speed manual transmission and it meets the road after going through a 3.89:1-geared rearend.

The undercarriage of the car was detailed by the previous owner, but even so, it appears that it was likely in good shape before that. As far as we know, the floorpans are original, along with all the other metal underneath, which suggests that this car was likely stored in a garage most of its life when it wasn’t out cruising the streets. You’d be hard pressed to find any mustang this clean with this low miles on an unrestored car, let alone one as cool and as rare as this Shelby GT350.

The undercarriage and the engine compartment both look driven, but clean, which is just a estimate to how well cared for this car was over the course of its life and how clean it is to this day.

If we had six-figures to roll on a car, this would definitely be on our list of top picks for that kind of a spend. We love the look, style, and history behind a car like this. The Mustang is one of America’s most iconic cars and being that this is one of the fabled Shelby GT350 fastback cars with the legendary Shelby-built small-block ford, you couldn’t possibly go wrong. Whether you see it as an investment, an expensive toy, a showpiece, or a museum piece, this is one cool car and whoever bought it at the six-figure price tag walked away with a pretty decent deal.

All around clean, the $109,000 price tag was definitely a fair bargain for whoever bought this car.