If you are in the market for a custom tuned, turn-key Ford Mustang GT that has been purposely built to slay the competition at the drag strip or just about anywhere else, then Livernois Motorsports has you covered.


The Livernois Motorsports 2015 Mustang GT is up for sale and when you factor in all the mods that come installed with this vehicle, it really is a steal of a deal! (Photo Credit: Livernois Motorsports)

The company just put up for auction its 2015 Mustang GT Premium shop car for a killer price. When you take the time to check out all the performance upgrades that are included in this vehicle, it’s hard to not justify at least putting a bid in.

Livernois 2015 Mustang GT Mods

Here is a snapshot of the Mods that are included in this Livernois Mustang GT Premium.

Kenne Bell 3.2LC Supercharger
Livernois Motorsports EvenFlo Thermostat
Injector Dynamics ID1300 Injectors
Livernois Motosports Firestorm Fuel Pump Upgrade
Livernois Motorsports MyCalibrator Tuner with FlexFuel Tuning
Livernois Motorsports Custom Dyno Tune
Livernois Motorsports Coolant Tank
HRE Flowform Wheels
Mickey Thompson Drag Radials
Window Tint 5% all windows – 35% Front Windshield
Price: $39,000
Miles: 3,075

We all know the kind of power and performance numbers the team at Livernois puts into each and every custom tune and this late-model Mustang not only backs that up, but it also features many of the interior luxuries that many enthusiasts are requesting when purchasing a newer muscle car for their collections.

As you’ll see in the accompanying sidebar, there is an impressive aftermarket mod list all wrapped up and ready to go with the Mustang GT Premium.

When you also consider that all of the parts were professionally installed and tested in-house by Livernois, the winning bid will not only be taking home a vehicle that will be a serious contender on the track, but the bragging rights of having your vehicle built by Livernois is pretty cool too.

But don’t take our word for it, watch the video above to see its 10-second credentials.

If you are interested in purchasing this steal of a deal you better hurry because the car is currently up for auction on eBay until Tuesday, April 11th.

For more information on the Livernois 2015 Mustang GT Premium, you can email Livernois directly at [email protected] for more details.

The same Livernois Motorsports 2015 Mustang GT that is up for auction Dyno'd at 681 horsepower and 542 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. It also ran an impressive 10.65 at 130.48 mph!