Have you ever wondered how people get some of those action shots from the track that they post on YouTube? You know, the shots where the camera is mounted to the car somehow, and you can see all the gyrations a tire and wheel go through as the car makes its way around the track?

People used to have to pay big money to get videos like that. It meant mounting an expensive camera to a roll bar, or making a heavy mount to bolt to the side of the car holding an equally heavy camera. But we’ve come a long way with technology when it comes to video, and our camera choice has been Replay XD for getting the action shots that we post on YouTube.

The Replay XD was designed by a group of racing professionals who saw the need for lightweight cameras for the motorsports world. They realized that in order to capture video from the mildest to the wildest of automotive racing, they needed something that was going to be just as rugged as the vehicle that it gets mounted to.


Replay XD Video Camera

The Replay XD fit the bill, it’s small and lightweight - about the size of a roll of quarters. For about $300 you too can get professional action shots of your own car racing around the track.

You can mount it almost anywhere, there are several types of mounts to get just the right camera view. But what you won’t get is a video that looks like it was taken from inside a glass bowl. The image that you see is the image that the camera sees.

And don’t let it’s small size fool you, because the video playback will make you think you shot your video with a larger, more expensive camera. Its easy to use functions aren’t based on selection menus, you can see your selection as you make it. It takes a microSDHC memory card for up to 32 GB, and 30 minutes of video per GB. When you choose a function, or power it on, it has vibration feedback so you know that you’ve made a selection.

If you want to get creative, you can mount the camera using the available mounts and see what your suspension is doing. You can mount it to your helmet, or the roof of your car with the available suction cup mount.

Easily upload, edit and share videos with others after a day at the track. And you don’t have to worry about accidentally hitting the wrong setting switch, the end cover protects the buttons so you won’t get back and wonder what happened. There’s even an omnidirectional internal mic that helps to reduce wind noise.

If you’re looking for a camera that is light, affordable and easy to use, the Replay XD is one that will make recording your track time a lot easier than it used to be. We use it here at Power TV because when we’re racing, we don’t have time to go through numerous settings - we want to race. Check out some of our other videos, and then check out the Replay XD.