In the past few years, one racing star has consistently on the rise thanks both to his remarkable driving prowess and his excellent marketing skills. That man is Ken Block, founder of DC Shoes and a man who got his rally racing career started at Subaru, before making the switch to Ford. And while he is both an excellent racer and entrepreneur, his real claim to fame are his Gymkhana racing videos.

After weeks of teasers, the final cut of Ken Blocks Gymkhana 4; The Hollywood Megamercial is here, and it is everything you were expecting and more.

Block has been with Ford since early 2010, and while racing for Subaru he made two Gymkhana videos in his WRX STi rally car. His first video behind the wheel of the Ford Fiesta rally car came last September, and now nearly a year later, we have the sequeal, and then some. Expect the usual hoonage, plus a lot more Hollywood-style special effects like men on fire, ninjas, explosions, and a lot more product placement than previous Gymkhana videos. There is even a cameo by YouTube stars Epic Meal Time.

Not that that’s a bad thing. This video feels decidedly more lighthearted than previous Gymkhana vids as Block hoons his way across famous movie sets at Universal Studios. Some of the featured famous landmarks include the Bates Motel and Jaws the animatronic shark. Did we mention the man riding a Segway in a gorilla suit? Because he’s here too. Long story short, watch the damn video, because it proves (yet again) that Ken Block is the King of the Hoons.