COMP Cams has introduced their own brand of motor oil.

When the guys at COMP Cams told us they were introducing their own brand of motor oil, visions of the COMP Cams logo on an offshore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico danced in our heads but rest assured, COMP Cams is not changing their operations to include drilling for oil. However, they have formulated an oil and supervise the refining of their special blend of engine lubrication.

They are more than willing to tell us about the chemical makeup of the new lube, but it was completely beyond our chemistry 101 education.

COMP Cams with their own line of motor oil makes sense on so many different levels, primarily, who better than the guys that make engine parts to understand the lubrication requirements of high performance engines? That’s good enough for us.

COMP Cams Motor Oil Key Features:

  • 10W30 and 15W50 weights formulated for muscle car and street rod vehicles
  • Blended-synthetic lubricant includes Zinc, Phosphorous and Molybdenum for the ultimate in wear protection
  • Unrivaled start-up protection for both classic flat tappet and late model roller valve trains
  • Protects against internal engine corrosion, oxidation and rust; requires no extra additives

This is a serious high performance motor oil and is not intended for use in vehicles equipped with catalytic converters, but if you have a true street rod or real muscle car, you will want to run this protective motor oil to extend your engine’s life and help it reach it’s ultimate potential.

COMP’s High Energy roller rocker arms are new to the market and tailor made for the do-it-yourself’er that wants more performance.

Die Cast Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms

In addition to branching out into high performance engine lubricants, COMP Cams has been at work designing new roller rocker arms for the DIY garage engine builders that want performance without breaking into the piggy bank.

Hearty enough for race use, these High Energy Die Cast Aluminum Roller Rockers are designed to be stiffer and more durable while providing added lift and less friction than stock factory pieces.

Lower oil temps, better response and horsepower are the gains that these Rocker Arms bring to the table.

High Energy Die Cast Aluminum Roller Rocker Arm Features:

  • Cost effective aluminum construction provides superior strength to weight ratio
  • Needle bearing fulcrum and roller tip reduce friction and lower oil temperatures for improved response and horsepower
  • Durable design increases valve lift while withstanding the rigors of moderate race use

Watch the Video on COMP Cams New Die Cast Roller Rocker Arms, Motor Oil and Black Wrinkle Powder Coated Valve Covers: