Building out project cars is part of what we do at PowerTV. Sharing information about our builds, what works and what didn’t work so well, is how we enjoy spending our days. It’s a dream job for any mechanic or car enthusiast. We just happen to be the lucky guys that get to do this. None of this would be possible without the proper tools to work with. We started out with a hodgepodge collection of tools to work with in the Garage, but that’s not a problem any more. We are proud to announce we’ve built a relationship with Cornwell Tools.

A few months ago, we busted some of our existing tools, and decided we needed a complete set. So began our search for the “right” professional quality tools for our hardcore maintenance guys. The right tool for the job is more than a saying, it’s a way of life in the PowerTV garage.


Why Cornwell?

With all the tools out on the market, why did we select Cornwell as the official tool of the PowerTV garage? The quick and easy answer is: quality and dependability. In a more detailed explanation, Cornwell tools don’t break. Some of the handy man caliber tools, advertised and sold with a lifetime replacement guarantee, have issues with breakage. For a home craftsman, it’s no problem getting in the car and driving back to the store for a replacement tool.

For the professional mechanic, the guy that makes a living turning wrenches, taking the time to run to the store for a replacement tool is taking time away from making a living. The professional mechanic needs a tool that is unlikely to break, but if it does, it is replaced by the manufacturer. We chose Cornwell tools because it was a smart choice.

Specialty tools are what separates the home maintenance man and the professional.

Putting the Professional Grade Tools Under the Microscope

Automotive tools are separated into a couple categories, Professional and Handyman. It’s generally accepted that four tool manufacturers make up the professional grade of automotive tools. Snap-On, Mac, Matco and Cornwell are considered the top makers in this category. Of these, Cornwell is probably the least well know and the least expensive. The bard once penned, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” So we wanted to find out what was in the Cornwell name. Here’s what we found out:

Almost as long that man has been making cars, Cornwell has been making tools to work on them.

Cornwell claims to be the oldest tool manufacturer in America. Founded in 1919, Cornwell has been family and employee owned its entire history. The company was founded and continues to serve the professional maintenance man with tools that are “the choice of professionals” for over 85 years. Unlike many other tool manufacturers, Cornwell tools are not available at discount stores or retail outlets.

Because they can only be purchased through a company dealer, the support system for these tools is beyond anything else on the market. Quality and reliability are the biggest qualities that mechanics look for when buying tools, and Cornwell Tools has not sacrificed quality by mass-producing hand tools by automatic machinery. For example, their wrenches are still built the old fashioned way with many craftsmen touching the wrench throughout the process.

Video of the wrench making process can be viewed here: Making Cornwell Tools.

Making the Partnership

Because Cornwell stakes their name and reputation on the quality of their tools, PowerTV has selected them as the official tool of the PowerTV garage. Cornwell tools will be used exclusively in all project car builds, including the existing project builds like our ’86 Ford Mustang (Project 666) and our ’78 Malibu (Project Grandma). The PowerTV garage will be using a full compliment of Cornwell tools including common hand tools, welding equipment, tool boxes and an amazing line of pneumatic tools.

What’s New?

Our professional maintenance men are looking forward to using the latest and greatest in Cornwell’s tool inventory. One of the most anticipated tools in the assortment is the ½ drive composite impact wrench. Weighing only 4 pounds, the impact wrench boasts 1,100 foot pounds of break away torque, and easy to use controls. Also new in the Cornwell line and in the PowerTV shop is the 30 LED & UV worklight. Even in a well lit shop there are dark areas requiring supplemental light. The 30 LED light is small enough to fit in tight locations but can provide enough light to see in even the most darkest areas.

We’re proud to be associated with Cornwell, and hope you do check them out. Visit the Cornwell Tools website for more information.