MG3_5155Focused on modern Mustangs from 1999 on, 281 Motorsports is all about outfitting Mustangs with the ultimate performance parts, from everyday drivers all the way up to race-ready vehicles. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Just one visit to the company’s new shop, or “Mustang Club House” as 281 Motorsports headman and “performance architect” Jason Cenora calls it, and you’ll have every indication of exactly what 281 is about.

MG3_5167On Friday September 13th, 281 Motorsports had an open house in their new location in Placentia, California. But the open house was more than a gathering of people to commemorate the company’s move. Rather, it was also a celebration of 281 Motorsports’ 5th anniversary.

Kicking off at 7 p.m., the gathering was everything you’d expect from a party, Cenora told us, with music, food, car builds, machinery examples, and a lot of celebrating of the “Mustang lifestyle.”

“It was truly a celebration,” Cenora recently told us in a phone interview. “It was not about selling parts; we had no seminars; it was just about celebrating.”

MG3_5156Celebrating is something 281 Motorsports does well. Not only are they celebrating a new location and five years in business, they’re also celebrating what it means to be Mustang fanatics.


MG3_5181According to Cenora, everyone who works at 281 is a Mustang person through and through- they own Mustangs; drive Mustangs, or are working on Mustang projects of some kind. To say that Cenora and his crew are passionate about what they do and what they offer to the Mustang community would be an understatement.

“We’re not just a shop,” Cenora told us. “It’s about the lifestyle. We host car shows, cruises and track days. In December, we’ll be hosting a charity car show.

While 281 offers the Mustang community custom fabrication services, performance parts and specialty services, like building custom roll cages and scaling of Mustangs, maintaining the shop is more than just a career path for Cenora. It’s more of a way to ensure his customers get only the best products from only the best suppliers.


“I got into this business because as a consumer, I was tired of getting taken advantage of,” Cenora told us. So now, he makes sure that his customers’ needs come first. “I know just as much about the parts I sell as I do about the parts I won’t sell.”

MG3_5176Cenora elaborated with, “We like to say we don’t sell parts, we fit parts (for the application). We fulfill orders for what they (the customer) need, not what they think they need or want. We hand select the parts we sell to someone- we’re really mindful of customer’s needs.”

Going even further with customer needs and fulfilling the Mustang lifestyle, 281 will be releasing their new lifestyle-based website soon.

In their new location, 281 Motorsports has room to spread its passion even more, having upgraded from a 1,500sq-ft building to a property with just under 9,000 sq-ft of room. But no matter how much room he has to spread out, meticulous about how the business is run and how it appears for customers, Cenora continues to strive to provide only the best.

“Passion is the biggest thing we do here,” Cenora told us.

And having had the honor of talking to Cenora about his business for quite awhile, we have no doubt he and 281 Motorsports will continue servicing the Mustang community with that undeniable passion for years to come.