Coker Tire is one of the exclusive distributors of the American Classic line of Bias Look Radial tires. This classic looking tire incorporated with modern tire technology has become so popular that the assembly line has been working overtime to expand the product line.

When discussing the line of Bias Look Radials, the conversation is split into two distinctive parts, the inside, and the outside. Inside, these tires are built-in brand new molds that use modern materials and tooling. Automotive Technology has grown tremendously in the past 40 or 50 years – no area has experienced more growth than the tire industry.

However, classic car aficionados desire the familiar look of a vintage tire on their classic car. This is where the American Classic Bias Look Radials combine modern radial tire construction with bias-ply tire size, profile, and styling. It is important to remember in many cases bias-ply tires feature taller sidewalls than their radial equivalents.

These American Classic Bias Look Radial tires are typically sized the same as their bias-ply originals. Virtually the only way to tell the difference is the added “R” in the size molded into the tire sidewall. Coker Tire’s Jason White explained the new difference for 2019 centers around the whitewall.


The previous offerings featured the wide whitewall option that was commonly seen in the cars from the 1950s and earlier. The whitewall style changed in the 1960s in favor of the narrow one-inch whitewall with the traditional piecrust shoulder. Until now, nothing has correct fit the look and size of bias-ply tires with radial tire construction. “This narrow whitewall design will hit the 1960’s through early 1970s car owner market,” claims White.

Wheel Vintiques’ New Two-Piece Aluminum Wheels

Wheel Vintiques’ Tim Kawasaki was eager to show off the complete new line of Aluminum wheels. “These are a two-piece wheel, made in America, with a sand-cast center with a spun aluminum outer,” said Kawasaki. “This is the Wheel Vintiques’ first venture into building aluminum wheels, where our primary business has always been vintage steel wheels.”

Coming out of the gate with seven different styles in the aluminum wheel line, “most of these are styles that people are already familiar with,” added Kawasaki. “The biggest factor is the made in America two-piece versus the imported one-piece wheels. There is a little bit of a price premium for that – but the quality you are getting is shown in our wheels.”

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