When we stopped by our friends at Vortech to have a chat and see what was new from them at SEMA, they immediately directed us down the row to a 2015 Mustang on display in a neighboring booth. Its Deep Impact Blue coating — offset by pops of copper-toned orange and RTR styling — was grabbing attention left and right. Vortech introduced us to the car’s owner, Jeremy Lopeman of Phoenix, Arizona, and he gave us the lowdown on the unique GT.

The car’s body modifications were installed due in part to its help in the creation of Vaughn Gitten Jr.’s RTR Spec5 wide-body kit.

“This car was used for Vaughn’s Spec5 kit, to mold and perfect the kit to get it ready to go into production,” Jeremy explained. “It was pretty much a prototype, so I was able to keep a set in return for letting them use the car as a guinea pig. That was back in December of 2015 — that’s when they installed the kit. I got it back in January of 2016. I’ve had countless people direct messaging me asking me, where they can get the kit, how did I get it, when is it becoming available to market. back then, I was told it was going to be a few months later or a year down the road. It ended up being two and a half years later. It was just released in June of this year.”

The Mustang also features an RTR Spec2 front lip, Vega Modified aluminum front splitter, RTR side splitters, an RTR front grille with lights, Cervini Eleanor side scoops, and a CMST-USA carbon-fiber hood with clear-view window. Jeremy also decided on a custom Farmuh Performance six-piece rear diffuser, HCM Carbon GT350R spoiler, and Fully Torqued Racing splitter rods.


A month before SEMA, the otherwise-stock engine was outfitted with Vortech’s V-3 JT trim supercharger with carbon-fiber inlet and twin Vortech Racing BOV’s. The Mustang now puts down an impressive 600 horsepower to the two-piece BC Forged aluminum wheels. Those are wrapped in Nitto tires (305/25/20 front and 345/25/20 rear by the way). The only additional engine modification has been AUS Injector 1,000cc fuel injectors. Jeremy installed the supercharger (and everything else not installed by RTR) in his garage at home. The combination was tuned by Rhett at Stage Up Performance, utilizing an SCT X4 Tuner.

“Honestly, to drive it on the street, it’s like a factory car,” he told us. “You can’t even tell until you put your foot down on the pedal, then that’s when you feel it. But otherwise, it drives phenomenal. As a normal daily driver, if you were to do that, it’s an awesome supercharger kit. It’s amazing. It puts down the power when you need it.”

The Mustang comes to a stop thanks to six-piston Brembo front brakes, Power Stop drilled and slotted rotors, and Stop Tech steel braided brake lines. Suspension modifications include RTR Tactical coilovers, Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates, and SPC Performance adjustable rear camber arms.

The Mustang roars through an RTR Tactical axle-back exhaust with custom H-pipe, but Jeremy is also installing headers now that SEMA is over.

Inside, Jeremy wrapped the dash and headliner in blue suede. He shifts gears through an MGW MT-82 race spec shifter with Raceseng-Ashiko translucent blue shift knob.

As for that striking color combo? “Copper and blue have always been my theme throughout most of my cars,” states Jeremy. “All of my cars kind of keep that theme, even my street bikes. The color combo kind of pops and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments about it.”

The paintwork was done by Kreative Image Paint and Body Shop before the car was detailed by Dezert Detail. The roof, decklid, and side mirrors were all wrapped in satin black vinyl by Hollywood Customs.

And Jeremy’s plans now that SEMA 2019 is over?

“Once we get back, it will be getting a DeatschWerks DW400 fuel pump and switching to E85 fuel. There are also, headers, and the lower pulley for the supercharger in the works. I’m going to try to shoot for anywhere between 700-and 800 horsepower.”