Awesome exhaust systems weren’t the only thing to be excited about in the XForce booth at SEMA this year! Our own Dennis Pittsenbarger caught up with the legendary Vaughn Gitten Jr. to find out what’s new for XForce, and learned all about the game-changing new Varex exhaust system with Smart Box.

Previously, the Varex system could only operate with a handheld remote and three modes: street, race, and in-between. The introduction of Smart Box allows the system to connect to an application via Bluetooth, opening up a world of options.

The patent-pending system allows the user to adjust exhaust sound from quiet as can be to an all-out aggressive growl with the click of a button. The system connects to a smart phone or device via Bluetooth and its Varex Smart Box Bluetooth Exhaust Controller (VSBec). The accompanying application allows the user to program multiple options involving sound and volume both automatically and manually. It even allows for the creation of “geo fences” – basically, you create a digital fence around a certain location in the app, and the program will automatically adjust the valves to meet your preference in those locations.

XForce had a tablet on display at SEMA to play with the program and see the way the valves move.

Of course, once outside of those parameters, the user can manually adjust the valves for tone and performance.

In manual mode, the user can precisely manage and adjust the Varex exhaust valve positions and the custom pre-set exhaust valve positions. In “Matrix mode,” vehicles equipped with the OBDII dongle have access to automatic control of the exhaust valve positions based on rpm, throttle position, and speed.

This is definitely a system to be excited for. And just think, your neighbors will love it!