Ididit’s SEMA booth was abuzz with activity throughout the week, but we managed to steal a few minutes with Ididit’s senior sales representative Eddie Mohr and general manager Trever Cornwell. They told us all about three new steering column choices for Ford builds, with something for street, street/strip, and strip.

The first is new for the 1965-1966 Ford truck, and it’s Ididit’s tilt column shift steering column with a chrome finish.

Another is the universal Pro-Lite Lightweight 6-bolt 30-inch straight steering column with quick release steering hub. This column is lightweight, weighing in at 6.1 pounds. It has a self-cancelling electronic turn signal switch as well as four-way hazards. Included standard is a six-bolt quick-release steering hub, and the column is SFI 42.1 certified. Ididit points out that though it’s lightweight, this column retains safety standards, and is equipped with a two-piece collapsible shaft allowing for five inches of collapsibility.

Finally, Trever and Eddie walked us through the newest column for all-out drag racing applications.The Pro Fab column is now available for Fox-body, SN95, S197, and S550 Mustangs (as well as a universal option that can be clamped right to a race car dash bar).

Weighing in at a whopping 4.5 pounds, the column features an aluminum outer housing with ball bearings on each end of the shaft. This is in comparison to competitive shafts, which typically use Teflon bushings that cause binding and stiffening.

Built exclusively for racing applications (no turn signals, tilt, etc.), this ultra-lightweight series of columns utilize the factory dash mount and factory immediate shaft for a super easy installation. The ¾-inch smooth shafts are also customizable, and can be shortened or lengthened easily and as needed for custom applications.

The hub features a centered guide pin so that the steering wheel goes on only one way, preserving your Mustang’s alignment. And it works with 5-bolt or 6-bolt patterns, so you can use virtually any steering wheel.

Perhaps one of the most important points that we can pass on is that Ididit columns are made right here in the USA!