While roaming SEMA today, we dropped by our friends at JMS to learn more about their new PedalMAX Terrain for Ford trucks. JMS created this product to enhance throttle control in off-road and rough terrain conditions. It was originally designed to cure poor throttle response and throttle lag, but it also has the ability to de-tune the throttle for things like rock crawling, mudding, hill climbs, downhill descents, and sand.

The unit features easy plug-and-play installation and allows for adjustment of throttle response up or down, with a quick twist of the remote-mounted control knob.

We spoke with Brad Grissom of JMS, who was on-hand to show us how it works.

“Basically what it does is, it works like our standard PedalMAX, designed to remove throttle delay. With Terrain, you can twist the knob forward to do what PedalMAX normally does – remove delay, increase acceleration, get rid of turbo lag, all those different things. Where the detent for this is in the center, if you go backwards, you can slow the throttle down to eliminate wheel slip for rock climbing or rock crawling or going over obstacles - any type of varying terrain, you can really fine tune the throttle for anything you need.”

“Truck guys can do this without shifting down to 4-Lo. They have complete control over the throttle. It’s kind of a unique concept.”

Terrain is fully waterproof, which is important given that the off-road vehicles utilizing it could very well be exposed to moisture. It utilizes OEM quality connectors, and unplugging the knob will save your throttle setting into the unit. It comes with a lifetime warranty, and fits 2011-2020 Ford trucks, including the Raptor, Ranger, and F-150.