Turbocharging has become an accepted way for OEMs to reliably bring power and economy to its customers. Just like any factory offering, there are several considerations when engineers are considering any combination. Garrett Advancing Motion is a company that seeks innovative new ways to make turbos more efficient and allow OEM-installed and aftermarket turbo systems to give better performance.

We recently spoke with Tim Coltey of Garrett Advancing Motion about its Powermax upgrades for stock turbo and intercooler applications. Tim explained that OEM-installed turbos are sized pretty conservatively due to a variety of considerations. Garrett Advancing Motion’s upgrade kits focus on providing improved performance while keeping the reliability and drivability of the factory units. Its engineers have even figured a way to squeeze increased performance from components designed to fit into the factory-stock locations.

The Powermax line of Garrett turbos includes all the necessary hardware, the turbo unit, and an upgraded intercooler when necessary.

Garrett offers kits that include the necessary turbocharger(s) to replace the factory components, and also provide improved intercoolers, when applicable. The kits also include all the necessary hardware such as tubing, connectors, and bolts specific to the upgrade. You simply use the factory hardware for the remainder of the install.

All Powermax systems are designed to fit into the factory locations and feature the appropriate connectors, tubing, and fasteners to complete the upgrade.

For those seeking to upgrade their non-turbo applications, Tim recommends Garrett’s GTX- or G-series turbos for custom applications or to upgrade another manufacturer’s aftermarket kit. Garrett has options for all engines, whether one-liter or twelve-liters in size and make 100 to 3,000 horsepower. For more information on how Garrett Advancing Motion can increase the performance of your ride, check out its website. You’ll be glad you did!