We checked in on our pals over at Flaming River to see their latest and greatest wares they brought to SEMA 2019. We weren’t disappointed as they showed us a very cool new electric power steering system for hot rods, classics and Mustangs.

Their new electric Microsteer universal Electric Power Assisted Steering system allows you to avoid plumbing a traditional, parasitic power steering system and provides two ways to install it. Inline under the hood or in the case of the Mustang unit, inside the car, behind the dash. This allows you to maintain a stock look under the hood while adding the benefits of power steering.


Additionally, Microsteer can be easily fitted to virtually any vehicle, without the need to change steering rack or fit a hydraulic system where manual steering currently exists.

The unique Microsteer Tuning Box allows you to adjust the amount of assistance by using a rotary potentiometer or, if you prefer, you can make the system speed-sensitive by connecting a wheel speed signal to the Tuning Box. A mode selection switch on the box allows you to choose your preferred method, manual or wheel speed.

If you have no wheel speed sensor on the vehicle, we recommend purchasing a Hall effect type sensor. This is not included in the kit and would need to be purchased separately. The input and output shafts of the Microsteer unit are 11/16”-36.

Microsteer is compatible with Flaming Rivers’ VDOG Steering box that won Best New Product accolades year two years running at SEMA in Las Vegas