If you own a car from the 1950s forward, you’ve most likely dealt with faded interior panels, scuff marks, key scratches, ring marks and other maladies that can mar plastic trim.

Well, a fix is here.

ColorBond offers a leather, vinyl and plastic refinisher that adheres permanently to most any plastic surface inside and outside of your car, including carpet.

ColorBond Leather, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher is car interior paint that gives you an economical alternative to refurbish or customize auto interiors. Formulated so that it won’t crack, chip or peel, ColorBond Leather, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher is also available in over 100 OEM colors so you’re sure to get the perfect match for your vehicle. Car interior design is big today and you can create your own without breaking the bank. Whether renovating or personalizing, ColorBond will help your car interior design plans become a reality inexpensively.

It’s really easy to use as well. Prep your hard plastic pieces with the company’s citrus-based prep cleaner, enabling the product to adhere permanently. For soft-touch panels, use the company’s adhesion promoter to get the best results.

After prepping, spray multiple light coats to cover the surface. The coating won’t peel off or flake and is permanent. Colorbond has OEM certification from Ford as well as colors that match most automakers’ color palette.

Our favorite benefit is the ability to rehabilitate discontinued, old or damaged plastics that would otherwise be impossible to replace.

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Exterior and underhood trim can be freshened up as well,