The most awesome combination of parts on a late-model vehicle can amount to a hill of beans, without proper control of the fuel and ignition - among a ton of other parameters controlled by the factory ECU these days. SCT, has been in the custom tuning game since there was a custom tuning game, and has long been at the forefront of both the hardware and software side of things.

Looking to stay current with the market, the SCT team has created a new tuning software, dubbed Advantage X, that is aimed at the custom tuning professional. “We’ve had our Advantage 3 software for the last couple of years, and the Advantage X software will take our custom tuning software to the next level,” says Jill Hepp, SCT’s Marketing Director.

The revised interface of the Advantage X software incorporates a lot of interactive tables and graphs in order to be as user-friendly as possible.

An all-new design, the Advantage X software is powered by the cloud for a level of inter-connectivity previously unthinkable in tuning software. “By being cloud based, it connects the end user to a worldwide network of custom tuning dealers,” Hepp explains. “Say you’re in Ohio; you can have a tuning dealer in Florida, create a tune to your specifications, send it to the cloud, and then you can retrieve that tune right from your driveway while sitting in your car. It’s really connecting a market of very talented calibrators to the end users.”

The interface has been thoroughly modernized to include interactive 3D information maps, along with a “QuickCompare” feature to highlight the areas which have been changed from the previous version of the map. “The Advantage X software is currently in Beta,” says Hepp. “We’re working with our custom tuning dealers and other partners to make sure we have the program up to the level we want, and they, want. We’re doing demos of it and taking that feedback, so that in 2019 we’ll be able to have a full roll-out and exceed everyone’s expectations.”