If you’re making considerably more horsepower than stock, chances are pretty good that your engine is creating more blow-by than stock. To keep oil and fuel from re-entering the intake tract, enthusiasts have turned to the use of catch cans. During the 2018 SEMA Show, Mishimoto decided to showcase one of its latest products: a universal carbon fiber baffled oil catch can. The device is said to offer highly efficient air-oil separation, easy serviceability and unmatched cosmetic appeal, all in a compact, lightweight package.

According to Ricky Nietubicz, Senior Public Relations Coordinator for Mishimoto, the updated catch can has an increased 7.4 fluid ounce capacity and is constructed of 3K carbon fiber, allowing it to be lighter than previous versions, and it enhances those under the hood aesthetics.

To enhance the catch can’s performance, Nietubicz said a uniquely designed baffle insert has been incorporated into the design which separates oil and blow-by contaminate from your PCV system. The clean air is then routed through a high-flow filter material, which acts as a safety net against any rogue oil droplets without compromising the improved airflow characteristics, even in freezing temperatures.

Nietubicz shared that the Mishimoto engineers also worked to make checking the fluid level and servicing the catch can easier by incorporating a quarter-turn lid.

“We also ran several tests to ensure that our improved design would capture harmful blow-by on just about every engine configuration and put the carbon fiber body to the ultimate test of 100,000 pressurization cycles,” Nietubicz said.

The kit includes the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty. For more information, see Mishimoto.