When it comes to melting two o more pieces of metal together, you can’t mention welders without talking about Miller. We stopped by the booth at SEMA 2018 to check out one of its new welders. Erica Turner, from Miller, showed us the new Multimatic 220 AC/DC welder.

Erica told us, “The Multimatic 200, 215, and 300 makeup our lineup of multi-process machines. The 220 is our answer to the great response we received about the 215. The question we set out to answer was, ‘why not an AC TIG?’ Our multi-process family did MIG, stick, and DC TIG, but we didn’t have that AC aluminum capability. What we did, was re-engineer the machine and came up with this new one (Multimatic 220) that comes with MIG, stick, TIG, DC, AC. It does flux-core as well.”

Erica also told us, “If you look at the machine, it’s inverter-based. It has a really strong, smooth arc. Also, by going inverter instead of transformer, we reduced the weight by about half - if not more. Because of that, we were able to put it into the small, more portable cart you see here (Pictured above). This is the single running gear cart, and it does come with a dual-tank option. You can set up your cart to run off the MIG gas, but also have space for your TIG welding gas. You can have those both chained securely on the front of the cart.”

Above, you can see where Erica was showing us that the Multimatic 220 has provisions to operate both MIG and TIG independently of one another. On the front of the machine, in the center picture above, you can see it has two different receptacles for the MIG gun, and TIG torch. Those are capable of operating within seconds of each other. This means, if you want to tack weld with the MIG and then complete the pass with the TIG, there is virtually no wait time.

The Multimatic 220 AC/DC was just one of the the interesting things we saw at the Miller booth. If you would like to know more about the line of multi-purpose welders and everything else the company has to offer, check out its website at millerwelds.com.