New cars are really nice, they are quiet, comfortable, and they smell good. Unfortunately, if you have an older car, it’s hard to get these characteristics without a little effort. Usually, the floorboards get super hot in the summer and the car is ridiculously drafty in the winter. When you shut the door it can sound like you are banging a trash can lid, and let’s not forget the rattles and terrible acoustics. But, regardless of the lack of creature comforts, we still love to drive them even if we have to deal with unwanted heat, cold, and noise.

In reality, we don’t have to “deal” with any of these unwanted elements. In fact, with a little time and money, you can rid that classic vehicle of any of these undesirable elements thanks to Cool It Thermo-Tec. Thermo-Tec offers several different products that will help your car be a lot more enjoyable on those long road trips. It provides the Thermo-Guard FR, Suppressor Acoustical and Heat Control Mat, Super Sonic Acoustical Mat, and the Cool-It Mat.

According to Nick Helms at Cool It Thermo-Tec, “The Suppressor Heat and Sound Mat are the most popular choice because it reduces the sound and offers radiant heat control.” This product is excellent for firewalls, floorboards, and can be used for the doors as well. If you need a little more protection you can lay the Thermo-Guard on top of the Heat and Sound Mat by using the heavy-duty spray adhesive. This will offer additional coverage, and the high-tech foil barrier will block more than 90% of radiant heat while providing the best sound insulation possible.

For more information be sure and check out Thermo-Tec for all of your insulation needs.